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Top 5 Female Sex Dolls in 2022

Top 5 Female Sex Dolls in 2022

Top 5 Female Sex Dolls in 2022

Sex dolls and toys have become increasingly common among several individuals who use these products to fulfil or satisfy their sexual needs. Female dolls for sex, are particularly popular especially for real-life like features, while the most common users of a sex doll are male, couples and females are also known to use sex dolls regularly.  Most of these products are usually made from silicone or plastic and come with free shipping. True Touch Dolls are also known for their completely customized options allowing users to modify how their women look, touch, and feel.

Angelina Sex Doll

Does having sex with dolls feel real?

While most people will probably disagree, users who mostly belong to the male sex, have been using these products for their sexual needs on a regular basis. The dolls can moan if they are touched, increase their body temperature during sex, and even hold a proper conversation with you. The material of the skin and the hair implants even come with goosebumps feature making the experience as realistic as possible.  A sex doll even comes with personalized genital features making it a comfortable and exciting for daily use. Your doll can also be accessorized with clothes, varieties of hairstyles, and breast sizes.  All of these features at an affordable price should make you want to get one for yourself as soon as possible!

Sex Dolls: Bestsellers

With the help of modern technology in designing and production, we have been able to replicate a doll model to look exactly like a true woman. The sexual doll can be extremely beneficial to the people interested in supplementing their loneliness. These are the top five most popular models of sex dolls include:

Curvy Girls: Get a variety of dolls from various descents and ethnicities, with personalized height and cup sizes. If you're looking for a doll with a thin waist and big assets, order yours from this collection now! Popular dolls include Adrena and Nicolette.

Exotic Girls: Do you prefer a wild, unnerving and adventurous perspective to sex, then book yourself light skin, fiery ebony sex dolls. New models such as Kate, Aly, and Alisha from True Touch Dolls can spice up your bedroom, order a doll now with swift shipping.

College Girls:If you fancy younger college students then the hot and slim fresh faces from this collection can meet your desire.  Dress them and accessorize them with a wide variety of products available on the website.  The newest doll Karma has been extremely popular among users.

Fetish Girls:They are some of the best quirky looking dolls available in the market, with varieties such as larger breasts, pregnant dolls, cats, and vampires. Popular dolls include Adison, Kiera, and Seraphina.

Bestsellers:The most popular doll is Angelina who is a blonde fitness trainer, followed by Elisa who is an exotic slim Latina, Brittnee comes third who is a redhead college girl. The new model Isla from True Touch Dolls is a cute petite teacher's assistant who is the fourth highest-selling doll, and Anna a beautiful yoga instructor is fifth.


Benefits of having a sex doll

  • The dolls are absolutely beautiful and have huge physical benefits to help increase blood pressure and improve a weak immune system. They can also help build sexual stamina and techniques.
  • These sex dolls help is best at improving mental health, and with diseases such as depression. They help fill up the loneliness in your life with companionship, excluding all the negative aspects of an actual relationship.
  • Male sex can significantly relieve stress, making them a great choice for individuals who are looking for a simpler source of sexual gratification, to help relax and unwind.
  • Sex dolls can help individuals fulfil their wildest and craziest sexual fantasies. With the help of a doll, they can express themselves more freely.
  • A sex doll will not transmit or carry any form of transmitted diseases. They are completely risk-free since they are personalized for their owners.

Bottom Line

Find yourself the perfect sex doll to suit exactly what your fantasy demands, with the help of customized services from True Touch, with worldwide shipping at an affordable price. A doll is usually built of silicone while both the material and the texture of all these women can be selected during purchase.

The various models are meant for both male, female, and couple owners.  True Touch Dolls are famous for customer satisfaction, hassle-free delivery, quality, cheap prices, and extensive after-sales support.



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