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True Touch Revolutionizing Custom Sex Dolls

True Touch Revolutionizing Custom Sex Dolls

True Touch Revolutionizing Custom Sex Dolls

Finding the perfect girl of your dreams is a far-fetched desire and likewise, the perfect sex doll is equally difficult to find. Are you tired of looking at numerous sex dolls while you search endlessly for your perfect sex doll that looks, and feels, like your dream girl? A relationship with a sexual doll is more than just for fulfilling your sex fantasies and desires. You can end up developing a beautiful companionship with your sex doll that can provide ease to your loneliness.

The advent of custom sex dolls has revolutionised the sex doll industry and the art of making dolls for sex. The fact that it is as easy as filling up a form on the internet, has made the concept of getting a custom sex doll a whole lot easier. This article aims to illustrate the benefits of availing yourself a service as such and how you may do so.

About True Touch

There are a few brands in the market who custom make sex dolls with utmost perfection like True Touch. Located in North America, True Touch is one of the best premium sex doll companies that provide realistic, life-like sex dolls on demand just for you. They have a wide range of categories you can choose to explore such as Curvy, College girls, Asian, Petite, etc. Prioritizing your needs, they deliver the perfect companion or sex doll for your needs.

While making top-notch sex dolls available at your fingertips, they also provide other features like a sex doll collection call Top 40 that lists True Touch's best 40 sex dolls. Additionally, you can even shop for accessories such as lingerie and sex swing for your sex doll. However, nothing beats the Build Your Fantasy Doll feature that gets you a custom sex doll made to order to your desires.

Features of a Custom Sex Doll

True Touch's Build Your Fantasy Dollfeatures allows you to build your custom sex doll from scratch. Beginning with the material of the doll such as tpe, to her skin color, fair or dark-skinned, eye color, the texture of her hair, etc. you can make her exactly the way you have always dreamt of having.


  • Eye Color: A lot of men preferred blue eye color for their sex dolls or light-coloured eyes, while many would prefer the doll s eyes to have a darker color, with full lash lines.
  • Quality: Dolls are made of different materials, each of which feels differently. The entire point of owning a sex doll is to have a human-like replacement or companion. Thus, the material of your sex doll needs to feel like skin against yours. Custom dolls are mainly made of silicone or thermoplastic elastomer which is also known as tpe material. The most widely used material for a sex doll is tpe. Sufficient research has been made and it has been declared that a tpe sex doll medically guarded and safe to use.
  • Skin color: Most men have a fetish for particular skin color or complexion. While some prefer their dolls to be fair-skinned, many like them darker. When you are custom making a doll, you get to pick the color of their skin as well.
  • Hair: Custom sex dolls are often inspired by people in real life. Would you like your custom sex doll to have curly hair, or do you prefer to have straight and short? Would you like a head full of hair or would you like your sex doll with a bare head?
  • Body Parts: Sex dolls are built to be able to satisfy you to the fullest. Now that you are building your sex doll, you can select from various types of body parts: breasts, stomach, mouth, legs, back, etc. Your doll’s body is your wonderland. Pay utmost attention to how you build her body.
  • Additional Features: This list mentions most of the important choices you need to make when you are building your sex doll. Depending upon your preferences, you can choose from their type of eyebrows, pubic hair, nose, dimples, etc. Eyebrows, nose, and pubic hair comes in different types, and dimples are optional. If you find pubic hair gross, you can choose to skip that option.

Bottom Line

Get your sex doll made to order and watch your dream come true. Visit the True Touch dolls website, sign up with your email address, and get ready to order the girl of your dreams. You can surf through their range of dolls for inspiration, but make sure to bill your order on your email address. True Touch will email the receipt to you. True touch sex dolls have truly revolutionized this business. They have the best sex dolls in the market right now.



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