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What are the best sex dolls for men in 2022?

What are the best sex dolls for men in 2022?

What are the best sex dolls for men in 2022?

Sex dolls have evolved out of being tools that fulfil your sexual fantasies into ones that build and establish long-lasting relationships in your life. They have taken space as companions and partners to their owners and it is their life-like appearance that facilitates this process. The industry or art of making sex dolls have expanded manifold times in the last few years pertaining to the fact that the demand for these dolls for sex has also increased.

From times when sex dolls looked and felt unreal, had eccentric looks and features and immediately set off a disturbing vibe, to now when sex dolls have become so real that they are often difficult to discern from human beings. This is a growing industry and it is most likely to expand further in the immediate future. Research has proven that these dolls have proven to be of a variety of use for both men and women, alike. These products have helped cured loneliness and the feeling of aloneness in hundreds of people around the world.

Type of Sex Dolls

If you are new to this world, you must have come across the sheer variety of sex dolls for men available in the market today. Each of them has been built and created, keeping in mind the interests and fantasies associated with sex, in general, and the number of ideas who you can practice on a sex doll.

  1. Curvy girls: If you are into women who are well endowed, and you like the feel of curves against your body, there is a whole range of curvy sex dolls that are available for you to pick from.
  2. Professionals: This is a common category for sex dolls where you can choose from a wide variety of professionals such as Nurses, firefighters, police officers, and the likes. Almost all brands that make sex doll have a wide range of professionals available for sale.
  3. Muscular: If you are into fitness, a quick search into brands that make muscular sex dolls can reveal a variety of dolls you can choose from. Dolls with abs, muscles, and toned legs and stomach generally top the list.
  4. Asian, Blonde or Ebony: Depending upon your sexual preference, there are brands that specialize in providing you with your choice of sexual doll. If you like blonde girls or Asian, take your pick from their range of products in this category.

Bestselling Sex Dolls

These dolls have witnessed a significant rise in popularity lately and naturally, there are a few bestselling real life-like dolls that are available for use. True Touch Dolls is a brand that has recently gained momentum in the market for real human-like dolls, and they bring to you a wide variety of products from their different categories.

Their top 5 bestselling dolls that you can find are:

1. Reagan: She is of 5 feet and 2 inches of height and is a medical student hailing from Bozeman, Montana.

Price: $2,200

Reagan Sex Doll

2. Viola: Comes second on the list from this brand, and is slightly on the heavier side for those of you who like big girls. She is 5 feet and 3 inches and a bank manager.

Price: $2,000.

Viola Sex Doll

3. Nellie: She is one of the best sex dolls in the category of the petite and exotic group by the brand. Her height is 5 feet and 2 inches and is an Instagram model.

Price: $2,200

Nellie Sex Doll

4. Elina: If you are into cosplay, she is a definite buy. She is absolutely flawless and her height is 5 feet and 7 inches.

Price: $1,800

Elina Sex Doll

5. Katy: She looks so real that you might be able to now fulfil your office sex fantasy at home. She is a sexy business consultant and one of the best sex doll from the brand.

Price: $1,600

Katy Sex Doll

Bottom Line

Finding the right sex doll can stimulate your time in the bedroom and it has often proven to improve relationships between couples as well. A quick search will show you that these sex dolls are usually bought by widowers or lonely men, to get a semblance of normalcy in their lives. They are available in various quality, but depending upon your purchasing power the quality of the product will differ.

Quality is one of the categories found on the websites of these brands that sell real human-looking dolls for pleasure. Make the right decision and visit True Touch to get for yourself a high-quality sex doll. You will be surprised by what you might find here. New models are constantly updated on their page so that you are never bored.



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