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August 09, 2018 7 min read

Interested in finally introducing a sex doll into your romantic relationship?

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Top 5 Techniques Couples Can Use In the Bedroom With Their Sex Doll


Okay, so you think you're finally ready to buy a sex doll, right?


Well, you've thought about it.... buttttttt, you're either married or in a serious relationship. 

You've almost pulled the trigger numerous times, but each time you subconsciously thought to yourself...

"Hold the train!  I'm in a committed relationship!  I can't buy a sex doll, right?"


Luckily, you're wrong, friend. 😉


The sex doll industry is currently in the first stage of its initial boom, and as with all fairly new ideas or products that come into existence, there's always some slight hesitation as to how and whether or not we should actually use these products or ideas.  For example, let's look at an example from a quite revolutionary time of human history...

Let's think back to when the telephone was first created...

(For our younger 18+ audience readers who may be reading this, a telephone is an old telecommunications device that used to be hard-wired to a wall that occasionally encountered what we used to call 'busy signals', and you were charged in relation to how much you used this friend-to-friend future machine.) 

At first, the concern was improving the quality of the telephone.  Easier accessibility, User-friendly design, automation, etc.  However, not once during Alexander Graham Bell's brainstorming sessions did he ask himself,

"Now, how am I going to make sure this telephone is Bluetooth compatible?"

Why?  Because obviously Bluetooth and smartphones, let alone computerization in general, weren't even thought about yet.

So you may be asking yourself, "How in the hell does the invention of the telephone have anything to do with me utilizing a sex doll to spice up our relationship, and where does this tie in to learning from past sexual tips that I've followed that have had little to no effect on our sexual growth?"



You simply haven't had an opportunity to even fathom it, yet.

Almost all writers of relationship columns, sex advice blogs, erotic novels, or romantic fantasy stories, when publishing, had never even thought about sex dolls even being a possibility of sexual advancement and experimentation at the time.

If what you've tried in the past still isn't working, don't keep trying the same routines and reading the same articles you've always read when the current sex advice you're following is out-dated.


Was Alexander Graham Bell a genius and would I follow his advice at the time?  Absolutely!   

Would I look towards Alexander Graham Bell's patent sheet when approaching any of today's advancement questions on Bluetooth compatibility?  Absolutely not!

The fact is, a lot of relationship sex advice found online is old, out-dated, and not approached in a way that considers modern means or measures of sexual advancement and pleasure.  


A new means of sexual adventurism and relationship bonding is now available, and instead of dismissing or shaming a newly recognized avenue for mutual sexual pleasure among couples, we should embrace the sex doll revolution as a new opportunity for couples to grow and bond together sexually.

"But Kaycee, aren't we just using "the times" and new technology as an excuse to become carefree sexual deviants?"

Absolutely not.

It's not that our fictionally agreed-upon level of sexual morality has necessarily changed (that's a whole separate blog post for a whole different time), but it's that the means to enhancing sexual pleasure has simply changed from past times and is now readily available to be shipped to your doorstep.

I can almost guarantee that if human-esque, lifelike realistic sex dolls were in existence and readily available to people in the 1920's... well, you guessed it - they'd buy 'em!

The fact is, times have changed and technology and manufacturing has taken a giant leap towards introducing your fantasies to reality.  In a time when divorce rates are high and the understanding towards one's needs, fantasies, and desires are low, sex dolls offer a safe alternative to some of life's most fascinating, pleasure-seeking fantasies.


So if you're ready to spice up your sex life with your partner or spouse in the modern era, here's our list of the Top 5 Techniques and Scenarios Couples Can Introduce Into the Bedroom to Thoroughly Enjoy Their New Sex Doll Together.


1. TPE Teabag

Quite potentially every man's most sought after sexual fantasy: a threesome with two women.  Now, because of today's technological sexual revolution with your very own True Touch Doll , this fantasy is your reality!  

Position your sex doll in the doggystyle position.  Place your partner underneath your love doll so she's in a '69' position, with her face positioned upwards looking towards your doll's vagina.  Enter your doll from behind and while you enter, your partner can slowly and gently start to lick your testicles.  As your thrust speed increases, so can the tongue caresses!  Finishing inside your sex doll while your partner simultaneously licks your testicles and 'taint' is a feeling that can't be forgotten.  If you're feeling adventurous, mix in a little light anal caress from time to time.  Don't go full boar inward unless your man is into that spice of life, but I'll be far fetched if you can find a man who doesn't like a little "tickle" from time to time.


2. Cuck(doll) Me! 

Have either of you ever had the fantasy of playing out a cuckold situation in the bedroom, but you're too embarrassed to ask?  You might even both have this fantasy in common.  Now, it's possible.

In this scenario, let's allow your partner have all the fun (well, most).  Let's take the case of two most common situations:

Scenario A: Husband/boyfriend wants to watch wife/girlfriend have sex with another man.

With one of our True Touch male sex doll companions, your wife or girlfriend can have the ride of her life, while you quietly sit in your corner, compliant to her demands.  "No touching yourself!" - she yells, as she's wildly riding her new love doll reverse cowgirl.  "Watch me cum!" - she announces as she climaxes like she has never before.
Watching your partner orgasm from someone or something else is one of life's purest beauties, and now it's entirely safe and risk-free, void of actual outside human interaction and emotions, but with the realistic lifelike feeling and attributes of a real human.

Scenario B: Wife/girlfriend wants to have sex with another man, but husband/boyfriend is uncomfortable with the situation.

This time, play out the above scenario, except this time around, assist your partner.  Do to your partner what a love doll can't do.  Watch her pleasure increasingly grow as she's entered by an unfamiliar member, and notice her change of orgasm as you help her reach climax with your new sex doll.


3. Rubber Munch


"How in the world could there ever be a technique where both partners can receive oral sex simultaneously?"  

With the introduction of a sex doll into your sexual relationship, easily!  Have your wife or girlfriend lay on the bed, back down.  Straddle her chest and position yourself to receive a blowjob from your partner.  In the mean time, position your sex doll's face between the legs of your partner.  Control the movement of your sex doll's head to perform cunnilingus on your partner.  You'll notice that when she's close to orgasm, there's a good chance she may grab your love doll's head and take over.  See if you can time out your orgasms so you finish at the same time for added emotional pleasure and satisfaction. 

*True Touch Sex Doll Pleasure Hack: Order one of our True Touch replacement sex doll tongues for double the sensation and pleasure.


4. Rough 'n Deep

Sorry guys.  The cold hard truth is that most women don't typically enjoy being "sledgehammered."  I'm talking pound town where it's like throwing a bag of bricks through a bubble. 

Is a hard pounding great once in awhile when the mood calls for it?  Absolutely.  buuutttttt....

Now, there's an alternative way to relieve that male instinct of hard pounding, all without the worry of your fragile wife or girlfriend becoming sore or pained.  Our sex dolls are built to last, so go to town!  Thrust like you've never thrusted before.  Finish hard, and finish deep.  Hey, maybe that should be a True Touch Dolls slogan?  


5. Rubber Trombone

This sex doll couples technique can be utilized in two ways, depending on how adventurous you're feeling.  Let's look at the first technique.

Scenario A: (I'm ready for anything, mood)
First, make sure you're clean - that's right, shower time, friends. Position your sex doll in the missionary position, and enter from above, crouching over her so your hands are to the sides of your sex doll and your face is directly above your doll's face.  This gives your, eh, back section, easy access for your partner to entertain your desires.  
Scenario B: (Let's ease into this, mood)
Enter your partner in the same missionary position as described above.  This time, place your sex doll so her head is directly below your partner's vagina.  As you thrust, slowly kneel down lower so your doll's tongue is caressing your anus.  Control your speed and pressure as desired, and as always, enjoy the finish!


    As you can see from our list of ways to introduce a sex doll into your relationship, there are numerous fun, pleasurable, and adventurous scenarios that you and your partner can play out.  Whether it's providing your husband or boyfriend with a sex doll birthday gift to give him his first threesome experience that he'll never forget, or whether you're purchasing a male sex doll to satisfy a long overdue cuckold scenario fantasy, True Touch Dolls has you covered.




    Interested in finally bringing a love doll into your sexual relationship?

    Use coupon code FUNSEEKERS to enjoy 5% OFF your first sex doll purchase!





    Did we miss anything? 

    Share your helpful relationship advice and unique sex doll scenarios,techniques, and fantasies in the comment section below and let us know!

    Kaycee Rose
    Kaycee Rose

    4 Responses

    Johnson J
    Johnson J

    December 13, 2019

    never thought about this before. sounds hot. maybe try it like a 69 for the first time.


    October 24, 2018


    Pillow Princess
    Pillow Princess

    August 16, 2018

    Thank you so much for making this! The sex blogging community has yet to pay much attention to sex dolls but this is by far the most useful and comprehensive post I have seen so far!


    August 09, 2018

    Interesting! As a mildly conservative, yet deeply sexual wife behind closed doors, you’ve actually sparked my interest in bringing a sex doll into our relationship. He’s always wanted a threesome pretty bad, but I just could never bring myself to actually doing it for him. This seems like a pretty safe compromise. I can’t wait to hear his thoughts on this! Looking forward to more blog posts, Kacey. You’ve gained a new subscriber!

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