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Sex Doll Cleaning, Care, and Maintenance

Sex Doll Cleaning, Care, and Maintenance.

Sex Doll Cleaning, Care, and Maintenance

Congratulations are in order! You have just received your first True Touch Doll of your choice. Now, it's time to learn how very important it is now to take proper care of your stunning new sex doll and treat her with the best care possible. The following information will let you know everything you need in order to take the best care possible of your new gorgeous life size companion.  Let's get started!


“I think love is caring for someone without expecting anything back.”

These are the words of David V., a long-time owner and admirer of luxury sex dolls and recent customer of True Touch Dolls.  David has grown to understand the importance of sex doll maintenance to ensure the longevity of their delicate features.  His sex doll takes care of him in ways no one else could in the past, and in return, he takes care of her.  Throughout this journey of getting to know your new sex doll, we'll be covering steps from the entire process of owning and caring for a life size sex doll.  Here we go!  First... the basics.

Unpacking Your True Touch Dolls Sex Doll

When you unpack your True Touch Dolls sex doll,bring her into an open area, such as your lounge or living room. As you remove your new companion from her box, be aware that she is life-sized and will be quite weighty. Remove her gently from the box, piece by piece, and she will soon be yours to enjoy!

Now, before we get too carried away... a few 'dont's'

  • Don’t Overbend Or Stretch Your True Touch Sex Doll

As your new companion is very life-like, she should be treated as such. She cannot overbend or overstretch out of reasonable realistic positions. 

  • Don’t Leave Her in An Odd Position

You can have as much fun with your new True Touch Doll as you want in reasonable conditions. However, for longevity and best care, make sure to leave her in a natural position where she is either lying, standing or sitting. This way, it will be easy to maneuver her into the positions you want when you want to spend time with her. You also never want to leave her face down as this will affect and hurt not only her face, but could potentially distort the breasts and knees as well.

True Touch Tip:  Have an office chair with wheels handy to move your sex doll around to different locations.  Our dolls are so life-like, it's tough to estimate the weight of moving an actual human-equivalent object until done. and it can be considered heavy by some, depending on the size of love doll that you choose.

Taking Care of Your Sex Doll’s Longevity

You have started to fall in love (and lust) with your new princess companion and want to keep her forever. Therefore, it's very important to care for her to your full potential so that she stays exquisite for the long run.

For best care during sex doll use, make sure to follow these guidelines:

  • Avoid situations that may cause any major bumps, scratches or potential droppage scenarios.
  • No matter how kinky you want to get with your new sex doll, avoid hot objects like overly hot water, candle wax, and hot chocolate.
  • Stay away from dark colored clothing that may stain her skin and tight fabric that may leave scratches or indentations. Buy lingerie in white and pastel colors.
    • True Touch Tip: If you can't stay away from dark garments and stains do appear, use our TPE Stain Remover to easily freshen up the appearance of your sex doll.
  • Avoid putting pressure in one place for too long. Too much pressure on one point can leave marks or permanently distort the TPE silicone of your new doll.


Store your beautiful True Touch Doll in a cool, dark, dry place away from extreme temperatures of either hot or cold. Extreme heat and sunlight can deform the doll material. Minor cold temperatures are fine, but avoid leaving your doll in below freezing temperatures.

Do not leave your sex doll in storage with lingerie, blankets, or clothes still on its body.  The dyes in clothing can not only stain your new sex doll, but they can also potentially deteriorate the TPE silicone over time.

In order to store your doll in the most efficient and effective way, you have three options:

    • Store your sex doll in a vertically hanging position (in a closet, for example). For this storage option, make sure to add our True Touch Dolls sex doll storage hook for safe and effecting hanging.
      • You can also store your love doll sitting upright, but for short periods of time.  This is not an effective option to continuously store your sex dolls, as you don’t want your companion to be in that particular position for an extended period of time
    • Store your sex doll in a flat, lying down position on her back. Try your best for your doll to be in a dark, cool, dry location. 

    True Touch Tip: Your best option is purchasing a sex doll storage case with your new love doll.  This provides not only the dark, flat storage area that suits sex dolls best, it also gives you the ability to store your sex doll in your storage case upright if packed correctly.


    Cleaning Your Sex Doll

    Cleaning Your TPE Silicone Sex Doll's Skin

    Your True Touch Sex Doll should be cleaned after unpacking and after every use. You will want to clean your doll's entire body. First, rinse the doll's body with water and neutral shower gel. Use a gentle, soft towel – preferably white, pastel pink or peach or beige to wipe her. Dark colors may bleed out into her skin so be aware of that. Allow her to air dry and apply a thin layer of baby powder to keep her beautiful skin smooth and soft. It’s best to have a water spray available to clean her.

    Cleaning Your Sex Doll's Head

    Your True Touch Doll’s Head must be cleaned separately. Keep her head, that is so beautifully made up with make-up, away from water and wipe her face with a cotton swab or earbuds. Again, apply a soft layer of baby powder to keep her face smooth.

    Cleaning Your Sex Doll's Vagina & Anus

    Your True Touch Sex Doll will allow you to explore all your fantasies. Everything you've ever wanted to do sexually can be done now with your sex doll. Because of this, it is crucial to keep her privates exceptionally clean after every use – both for your sake and hers. Here’s how to best do that:

    Vagina & Anus Cleaning (Dry Version – On the Bed)

    Along with a large towel to lay under your sex doll while you are cleaning her vagina, you will also need shower gel. Choose a gentle shower gel that is for sensitive skin that doesn’t have added colorants or scents. Upholstery foam does a great job when cleaning the inside of your sex doll. It is typically available at any hobby supply store or any fabric supply store. Cut 2 pieces around, 8" long by roughly 3-1/4" in diameter. The upholstery foam is very gentle and holds moisture and detergent very well.  It's also very absorbent and dries out very easily.

    Steps to Follow:
    • Place your True Touch Sex Doll on her back on the bed with her head against a pillow and open up her legs exposing her vagina and anus.
    • Wash your hands and moisten the upholstery foam with detergent so that it is only moistened and not wet. Water should not run from it if you squeeze it.
    • Fold the foam over your index finger and insert into the vagina. Push it in deep several times but careful not to be too rough. If there is too much water, it will lead to mold growth – and that’s the last thing you need or want!
    • Once it is clean, you need to rinse the foam and squeeze it until it is damp (not wet).
    • Repeat the process again with the damp foam and push it in and out of the vagina. By doing this method you do not have to worry about damaging your doll or her vagina.
    • Once you are satisfied that all the detergent is gone, rinse your upholstery foam again and dry it off with a towel. You can even roll your towel tightly around it making sure all the detergent and moisture is gone.  
    • Repeat the process again by wrapping the foam around your forefinger and gently pushing it in and out.
    • Now, stick your finger inside the vagina to double check how dry it is or if you need to push the foam in again.
    • Finally, take your second piece of foam that is completely dry and push it in deep inside your sex doll’s vagina.
    • Now, allow the foam to settle inside your new lady companion’s vagina for around 5 minutes. This is to make sure that any remaining moisture is gone.
    • To finish, take some Vaseline or water-based lubricant and rub it inside to make sure it is nice and lubricated.
    • After doing this, the same may be repeated with her anus.

    The Cleaning Process of Sex Doll Care and Maintenance (Wet-Version)

    Now that you have all the tools to get started you can now follow the process of perfect sex doll care and sex doll maintenance. Let’s begin:

    The first thing you need to do when beginning with this process is removing your doll’s clothing, jewelry, accessories and her wig.

    Cleaning Your Doll’s Wig

    1. You must scrub out your bathtub so that it is as clean as possible. Once the bathtub is 100% clean and dry you need to fill the bathtub 5 inches deep with warm water.
    2. As your bathtub fills up with water, you need to pour a generous amount of shampoo in the water. You do this in the same manner that you would apply bubble bath to your bath water.
    3. Once the water is 5 inches high, lay your doll’s wig into it. Allow the wig to soak in the tub for at least 5 minutes. You need to then gently grab the wig by the front top part. This is the elastic band part of the wig that would normally be front and center of your doll’s forehead. Drag the wig through the soapy bathwater in gentle, long, circular motions for a few minutes, then begin draining the soapy water from the tub.
    4. As the water starts to drain from the tub, begin using the handheld shower head to spray all the shampoo from your doll’s wig. Once the wig is completely rinsed of all excess shampoo, hang the wig in a secure place.

    Washing Your Doll

    1. Wash out all the excess shampoo suds from the bathtub itself.
    2. Put your doll in a vertical standing position in the center of the tub. If your doll has the standing foot option, this will be much easier for you. If your doll is not equipped with the standing foot option, you need to stand her as upright as possible with her kneecaps locked and gently lean her against the bathroom wall.
    3. It is recommended to put rubber sandals on her feet to avoid accidental slipping or surface scratches. You can order a nice pair of Crocs as these are good quality, will last a long time and will do the job right.
    4. Now, take the handheld shower head and pre-rinse your doll’s body with lukewarm water.
    5. Apply a generous amount of anti-bacterial liquid soap onto a wash sponge and begin massaging the soap onto your doll's body in gentle, circular motions, until the sponge produces a thick lather of soapy suds.
    6. Continue washing her body in the same manner that you would wash your own when taking a shower – just be gentler.

    Vagina & Anus Cleaning (Wet Version – In the Bath or Shower)

    1. Once you have completely covered your doll’s entire body with a thick lather of soapy suds, take a hand-held, dishwashing sponge wand and apply some anti-bacterial liquid soap to the sponge on the end of the wand.
    2. Squeeze the soap into the sponge with your hands, open up her vagina with your fingers, and gently insert the sponge wand into her body. Remember... be gentle.
    3. Carefully spin the handle of the sponge wand as you push it deeper into her vagina. This will create enough friction to clean her internally. Do not apply too much force or go too deep inside of her as you may damage the interior of her body with the wand. Do this for at least 5 minutes and remove the sponge wand from her vagina. Rinse the sponge wand out, squeezing all the excess water from it. Place it somewhere safely where it can dry such as on the bathroom counter on a paper towel.
    4. Now begin rinsing all the soap from her body. Use nice, lukewarm water and make sure all the anti-bacterial soap is rinsed from her body.
    5. Turn off the water and unscrew the shower head from the shower hose. Place the end of the shower hose completely into the vagina of your sex doll.
    6. Hold the hose securely with one hand, use your other hand to turn the shower water back on. The vagina will then very quickly fill up with warm water. This will be the best way to clean your sex doll's vagina.
    7. You may clean the anus with the hose as well, just remember not to use the sponge wand with regards to her tight anus. Instead, use your index finger. Be sure to wear a latex glove to protect her anus from fingernail scratches.
    8. Once your doll is completely rinsed out, screw the shower head back onto the hose and spray away any excess soap that may be on her crotch area or legs.
    9. Take one of the soft washcloths you have bought, roll it up and place it halfway into the opening of your doll’s vagina. Gravity will pull any remaining water inside the doll down into the soft, dry wash cloth.
    10. Let your doll stand in the bath for at least an hour allowing it to completely dry.
    11. After 1-2 hours, take a dry, unused sponge and gently begin dabbing up any water beads that may still be present on your doll’s body.
    12. Apply sponge pressure under her breasts, armpits and crotch area in order to dry her completely off.
    13. Once she is completely dry, leave the washcloth in her vaginal opening and carry her to a well-ventilated area of your home.
    14. Take her to a room with a hard floor surface with linoleum, tile or hard wood flooring. If your home is completely carpeted, leave her there, in the bathroom, to finish up the process.
    15. Spread out a large piece of plastic drop cloth across the floor. Stand your doll in the center. If your doll does not have a standing foot option, simply lean her against the bathroom sink.
    16. Extend her arms completely outward away from her body. Then take the corn starch and place a large amount on a large plate or large lid of a container.
    17. Take a third, unused wash sponge and push one side of the sponge down into the corn starch. The sponge will absorb a generous amount of the cornstarch. Before applying the cornstarch, you will notice an oily shine to your doll’s body which is totally natural, as silicone dolls excrete this oily substance (some brand models do not). This will attract unwanted lint, hair and debris to the doll. This will also make the doll feel tacky and clammy. This is why cornstarch must be used. You can also use talcum powder, but cornstarch is the best and cheapest when looking for a powder for sex doll care and maintenance.
    18. With one hand, apply gentle pressure to the top center of your doll’s neck to keep her steady as you begin to apply the cornstarch to her body with your free hand.
    19. Dab the cornstarch onto every inch of her body and her body will absorb it nicely. Apply the cornstarch to your doll’s body with quick taps to her body. Once her body has absorbed the cornstarch, use the other side of the sponge to absorb any excess cornstarch that her body has not absorbed. Use the same “tapping” technique to absorb the excess cornstarch.


    Cleaning Your Doll’s Head

    1. Once your doll is completely dry, put her on a chair with wheels and push the chair into the lounge or bedroom. You will then begin the process of cleaning her head.
    2. Take a soft, dry wash cloth that you purchased and apply a generous amount of the mineral spirits to it. You will then gently massage the mineral spirits against your doll’s face.
    3. Avoid getting any mineral spirits into her eyes or mouth and apply only previously where you have applied makeup or areas where she needs cleaning.
    4. Once the mineral spirits have been gently rubbed into the areas of her face, where makeup and dirt removal are needed, you may begin removing the mineral spirits from her face with another clean, unused wash cloth.
    5. Once all the mineral spirits, unwanted makeup and dirt have been removed from the doll’s face leave her face be.
    6. Then apply corn starch to the doll’s head, the same way you would apply it to her body.

    Your new sex doll is now as precious as can be and her skin will feel velvety smooth for your and her pleasure. You can begin applying fresh makeup to your doll’s face which can be a lot of fun! Watch makeup tutorials on YouTube to learn how to best apply makeup. It helps to do her makeup according to her hair color – blonde, brunette, redhead or black hair as well as her skin tone. After her makeup is on, you can begin dressing her. Remember to put on clothing that is safe for your doll to wear – not too tight and not too dark. You can now apply wig detangling spray to her dry wig. Again, you can rely on YouTube to show you tutorials on how best to do this. After this, you may place her wig back on her head. She is now ready to be used or placed comfortably back into storage.


    Long story short, treat your new sex doll with the care and generosity that she'll provide for you, and you'll be fine.  Enjoy your new sex doll, and welcome to the club!









    The Best Tools for Cleaning A Fixed Vagina (Dry-Version)

    If you don’t have time to go looking for cleaning materials, it’s easiest to shop online and order everything you need for sex doll care and sex doll maintenance in one go! These are the best things to buy:

    You can go to Amazon.com to purchase the upholstery foam of your choice. With the upholstery foam you will need to purchase scissors strong enough to cut the upholstery foam. You can purchase baby shampoo and body wash that is especially for sensitive skin. Lil’ Ledna is a great brand. It is unscented, tear free, gluten free and vegan. Babyganics Baby Shampoo and Body Wash is also a great choice as it has non-allergenic ingredients. It also doesn’t contain artificial fragrances or dyes, parabens, sulfates, petrolatum, phthalates or mineral oil.  You can also purchase an anti-bacterial adult toy cleaner if you use any sex toys with your sex doll. You will need towels so you can order Crystal Towels 7-Pack Bath Towels to use every day of the week. These are 100% cotton and extra absorbent. If you want to go ahead and clean your sex doll’s vagina and anus you can purchase a douche.

    Sex Doll Care & Maintenance (Wet Version – In the Bath or Shower)

    When washing your sex doll in the bath or shower, it is recommended to have on hand a few other items. These items will ensure perfect sex doll care and maintenance:

    1.      Antibacterial Soap

    You will need antibacterial soap. A good choice here is Equate Hand Soap with Aloe Vera. But, any brand of anti-bacterial soap can be substituted.

    2.      Automotive Sponges

    Non-abrasive sponges like the ones used for cleaning automobiles will allow for a better grip, easier cleaning and corn starch application, and help protect your doll from accidental scratches from your fingernails. Viking Car Care Easy Grip Sponges are a great choice and come at a great price.

    3.      Dishwashing Sponge Wand (non-abrasive)

    It is also recommended that you use a hand-held, non-abrasive, dishwashing sponge wand. This can also be used to clean the inside of the vagina. There are different variations of dishwashing sponge wands - you need the one with sponges all the way around. Two great choices to consider are Scrub Buddies Dishwashing Foam Sponges that come in a 3-pack at a great price or  Quickie Dish and Cookware Puff Sponge that cost more, but are a better quality.

    4.      Shampoo

    You will need a bottle of women’s shampoo. Buy a brand of shampoo that smells appealing to your senses. A great range of women’s shampoo to look at is Herbal Essences Shampoo. You can get it with the scent of white grapefruit and mosa mintArabica coffee fruit, or even bourbon manuka honey. There are an endless choice of different scents that you can choose from.

    5.      Hand Sanitizer Gel

    You will also need to purchase a bottle of clear hand sanitizer if your gorgeous sex doll has a removable vaginal insert. A good brand is Purell Advanced Hand Sanitizer Naturals with Plant Based Alcohol. It has a lovely, fresh citrus scent.

    6.      Odorless Mineral Spirits

    You will need a bottle of odorless mineral spirits. This will be used to remove make up from your doll’s face. This can be purchased from any hardware store but make things easy for yourself and order it from Amazon. A great choice is Weber Odorless Turbenoid. It comes in a 946ml bottle that should last quite a while.

    7.      Soft Wash Cloths

    You will also need a few non-abrasive washcloths. AmazonBasics Fade-Resistant Cotton Washcloths - pack of 12 is a great choice. It’s best to choose them in white and remember to buy them small enough to fit into your doll’s vagina once it is rolled up.

    8.      Corn Starch

    Also, you will need a container of corn starch. You can purchase Clabber Girl Corn Starch which comes at a great price. If you want a bigger container of cornstarch there is Earthborn Element 1 gallon (4.5lbs) of cornstarch or 5 gallon (25lbs). If you are going to be using your doll a lot, it is best recommended to buy 1 or 5 gallons.

    9.      Hand-held Shower Head with Shower Hose

    Lastly, you will need a shower hose attachment for your bathroom shower. Preferably, you will need a hand-held attachment with a showerhead that can be easily removed (you will see the reason for this down below). This attachment can be bought in many drug stores or hardware or home improvement stores. Make life easy for yourself just by purchasing one online. A great choice is the  Titel Shower Head Set which comes with a long hose and detachable shower head that you can easily screw off.

    10.  Latex Gloves

    It is important to get powder-free latex gloves in a size that will suit you best. A great choice is Curad Disposable Medical Latex Gloves. They are powder-free, come in different sizes, are exam medical grade and come in a box of 100.

    11.  Plastic Drop Cloth

    These will come in handy. Frost King P1250R Super Strength High Density Drop Cloths are great and can easily be ordered through Amazon.

    It's best to order all of the above items when first ordering your True Touch Sex Doll.