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Asian Sex Dolls

Asian sex dolls are one of our most popular love dolls for sale at True Touch Dolls, and with good reason!Β  Always had the fantasy of hooking up with the amateur teen Asian sex doll down the block, or always had that trip to Thailand planned, but no such trip ever happened?Β  Well you're in luck!Β  Our Asian sex dolls are here to give you a new dimension of men's pleasure and masturbation activities for years to come.Β  Shop today!
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Best Lifelike Asian Sex Dolls

Having an oriental love doll companion might be your current or next obsession. Luckily, we here in True Touch Dolls offer a variety of sex dolls that are so realistic and lifelike you’d never want to leave her side. Worry no more about shipping fees, because we offer free shipping wherever you are in this world, just so you can have your love doll companion. 

Our life size Asian sex dolls vary from the different Asian countries. We have sex dolls from northeast Asian countries such as Korea, China and Japan. Also, from southeast Asia , Thailand. Search for the best oriental love dolls.

Korean sex dolls, Thai sex dolls, Japanese sex dolls and Chinese sex dolls, just name it, we have it all here. 

Get ready for ultimate sexual satisfaction for a fair price and have that dream sex come through with your love companion anytime for free. It’s better than paying for strippers and prostitutes every time you get lonely, in this way you can totally save  money. 

Asian sex dolls specially have petite figure, small and cute innocent looking face, young features, and β€˜almond-shaped’ eyes. There is such a thing asAsian Fetish.

We all have heard and seen it, our valued customers from the United States never grow old from their Asian love dolls and absolutely pay for them for a reasonable price. They are becoming the ideal type and fantasy of a growing number of people all over the world.

Have that inter-racial relationship that you’ve always been dreaming of - with our lifelike oriental sex dolls. 

The all-time favorite Japanese sex dolls will never go out of style. Our best selling Japanese sex doll   Natsumi   will prove to you that Japanese sex dolls are the best there is.  She’s the Japanese school girl type that you want to take home. 

Look at another Asian sex doll, more specifically Japanese sex doll we have,   Haruko. Her features are as realistic as it can get, but at the same time she hasthis dreamy anime look you’ve been looking for. Dress her up with Japanese school uniforms or a kimono, then take them off and have fun. Any clothing or lingerie will suffice! 

Also check out our Korean sex doll,   Sun Hee. With skin as white as snow, she can be the Asian Snow White. Sun Hee has a slim figure and her orifices are fit just the way you like it. She isn’t named Sun Hee for no reason.  Sun Hee meansgoodnessandpleasurein Korean. 

Looking for young sex doll? Li Jing  exceeds your expectations. Li Jing is incredibly young looking, gentle and innocent. But don’t worry for being too rough on Li Jing and to any of our sex dolls because they are made on TPE and silicone, which makes them sturdy so you can go all out. 

Jiahui,  our Chinese sex doll is someone who looks young but is actually mature. Unlike any other exotic sex dolls we have, Jiahui is not that petite, but still fit. She is busty and curvy. 

Our best selling fetish Thai  sex doll,  Kim  is a 6 month pregnant sex doll. Of course you make love with a pregnant sex doll,  you can go delicate or rough with Kim anytime. With her fair skin, long black hair and  young and pregnant features Kim has all the sex qualities you’ve been looking for. 

Another playful looking, young Japanese sex doll, Nika.   She is the embodiment of the word, cuteness. Look closely to her face and see the masterpiece in every detail of her being. Nika is depicted as akawaii Japanese high school girl who’s also ready to have an intimate sexual relationship with you. There are more Japanese sex dolls like Nika, Haruko and Natsumi so don’t forget to check them out! 

Japanese sex dolls are best sellers, so we made sure to design Japanese sex dolls that are cute, hentai and can totally cosplay and perfect for anime lovers out there who would like some fan service. Japanese TPE or silicone sex doll, either ways, get yourself akawaiilove doll companion for an affordable ad reasonable price. 

All of our Asian sex doll orifices: vaginal, anal and oral are firm and tight. You can also ask for a specific depth of orifices and we will customize it for you. Your sex doll’s hair can also come with other wig varieties. To step up you sex satisfaction, you can also use some of our accessories like the USB heating rod for your sex doll, to feel human body heat. 

TPE and Silicone Sex Dolls

Exotic Asian or oriental sex dolls are just like other sex dolls from True Touch Dolls, life size and incredible realistic. They are also specially made from medical-grade  TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) which is a combination of rubber and plastic. Rest assured that your sex doll will never get sagged or stretched out over time. Take it from the feedback from our customers. 

Silicone sex dolls are similar to TPE sex dolls. What makes them different from each other is that TPE sex dolls have the more realistic feel on the skin compared to silicone sex dolls. Although, orifices made of silicone also feel realistic based on the reviews of our customers. 

Our TPE and silicone sex dolls do not absorb any fluids. Thus, allowing you excrete all out without worrying. 

If you go for a TPE sex doll or a silicone sex doll from True Touch Dolls, the quality is always guaranteed. 

Sex Doll Stiffness

True Touch Dolls sex dolls are structured using metal. The stiffness can be adjusted in your preference, tighten or loosen them up. Our sex dolls are what you callflexible.In this way, you can make her do any sex positions perfectly. Don’t worry about breaking your sex doll, we assure you a premium quality of metal and other materials so it is well-built and sturdy! 

Decide on your sex doll’s joint stiffness from standard stiffness to loosened. 

Real Life Asian Love Doll Clothing and Accessories

Many of True Touch Dolls’ customers who bought Asian sex dolls, love dressing their love doll companions. So along with the Asian sex doll, they added clothing like school uniforms for a Japanese sex doll to make her look like a high school girl.

Some bought customized clothing to achieve that anime look. Lingerie is also a very popular sex doll accessory to spice up the mood. 

Clothing and other accessories is essential. Buy clothes and accessories for your Asian sex doll, and  then take them off with excitement! Your package can come up with some free accessories, so make sure you check them out also. 

Asian Love Dolls Advanced Technology Options

To achieve a more realistic and lifelike feel from your  sex dolls, we recommend you on getting a full-body heating functionality and or a touch-activated sound for your sex doll. 

You can also use a USB heating rod (which also from True Touch Dolls) to heat your sex dolls parts or orifices to get that natural human body heat. If you want to hear your sex doll moan, every time you take action, get that touch-activated sound technology. 

Get yourself a love companion from our love dolls, spice your experience with some accessories and we will have it delivered to you with no fees for wee offer free shipping in the United States and anywhere in this world. We only hope for the best sex experience for True Touch Dolls customers.