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New Sex Dolls are the Future.Β 

What better way to begin your world of a new sex doll fantasy pleasure than by purchasing the newest sex dollsΒ for sale within the life size real doll industry?Β  We have 2020's newest sex dolls for men that are for sale, each discounted for a limited time, so don't delay!Β  Buy your new adult sex doll today andΒ experience howΒ a True Touch Doll TRULY feels!Β  Only, at True Touch Dolls...

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Newest Sex Dolls of 2020

The sex dolls from True Touch Dolls are constantly improving, providing customers the real-life sex satisfaction through revolutionary sex dolls. We help our customers save money by providing  a fair price to all our products and sex dolls, plus free shipping worldwide! 

The sex dolls in this collection are the sex doll of the future. Looking for TPE sex dolls? Or silicone sex dolls? Check out our collections or let us know! 

We have heard it over and over from our valued customers, β€œI want my sex doll to have big tits”. And we, are happy to introduce our new BBW sex doll,   Alice.  Her huge realistic breasts are compact, stretchable and sturdy - made from medical-grade TPE material that gives you the β€œrealistic feel”. 

If you want your sex doll with big tits to be Asian, then we have our new BBW Asian sex doll  Yukina.  She’s your Asian sex doll that you will never get tired of. She’s fit, cute and innocent - looking. Check her out. 

More into mature sex dolls? We have our new MILF sex doll named   Helen. She’s fit, has huge breasts, firm ass and a mature-looking face. Every bit of details of her are superb- unbelievably realistic, so make sure you check her out.

We also added a new classy high-end realistic sex doll,  Angel.  She looks like an expensive escort with her exquisite facial features and body structure design. We may have said it  repeatedly but there aren’t sex dolls that are not as realistic as Angel here in True Touch Dolls.


If big ass sex dolls are your obsession, then   Annabelle  is up. Annabelle is a new BBW sex doll, that has became famous for her realistic enormous breasts and a lovable big fat ass that you’ll never get tired of. She’s not called big ass Annabelle for nothing! 

Japanese sex dolls are best sellers! If you haven’t got enough of Asian sex dolls, check out our newest Asian sex doll addition   Aino.  She could be your oriental exotic sex doll love companion. Her Asian features, firmness, size and other details that matter are realistic. Check her out! 

Do vampire sex dolls turn you on? You are not alone. We have a number of customers who purchased our vampire sex dolls. Our newest vampire sex doll addition is   Zurie. She’s petite, exotic and a thirsty vampire. 

There are still more of our newest products, don’t miss them! Take your time to browse through and let us know what you think. Here, at True Touch Dolls, we are trying to innovate sex dolls in different categories to help our customers achieve the best sexual satisfaction. From BBW sex dolls, Asian sex dolls, MILF sex dolls to vampire sex dolls, we have you covered. 

How to Customize Your Sex Doll With True Touch Dolls

We allow our customers to customize their sex doll(s), in any way. Providing them the freedom to create their ideal love doll companion. 

Here are the sex dolls’ aspects that can be customized based from a customer’s request: 

Other sex doll details:

Why You Should Get Yourself a Sex Doll

Sex dolls are the new trend, during a pandemic or not. It is a newer, safer and better sexual experience with a real perfect animate- looking object that is available for sex 24/7. We all already know that releasing one’s sexual desires is good for the emotional and physical well being of a person, so why deprive yourself from having a great real sex?. 

Nowadays, you do not need to change your life, adjust your schedule and find someone to have an intimate sexual relationship with you. With True Touch Dolls’ realistic sex dolls, your can cater to your needs anytime you want for free. This is way better than paying bucks for a stripper or a prostitute for a one night stand. 

A realistic sex doll, TPE or silicone sex doll is just what you need for a better, safer, and long-lasting sexual relationship. 

Our customers have the freedom to make some tweaks about their dream love doll, and it is our new mission to make innovative realistic sex dolls that give our customers a whole lot better sex experience and satisfaction. 

There are many other reasons why you should get yourself a love doll. Having your own love doll is just convenient, and it doesn’t make you feel lonely when you’re longing for the so-called human touch. 

With technology, sex doll manufacturers are looking ahead at the future. Robotic sex dolls with artificial intelligence is closest to possible for the sole purpose of providing you pleasure and top-level sexual satisfaction. 

Why Shop With Us?

Reading our customers’ positive feedback is what inspires us the most. Creating revolutionary sex dolls to give genuine sexual pleasures to our customers. Although there are many reasons why you should shop with us,here are the five(5) main reasons why you should definitely buy your sex dolls from us! 

1. TPE and Silicone Sex Dolls

True Touch Dolls’ sex dolls are medical graded. The materials used are safe and are hypoallergenic. Our sex dolls’ skin and flesh materials range from standard to premium quality TPE and silicone. This is where the β€œrealistic feel” and the lifelike-ness of your sex doll greatly depends on. Whichever the case,  TPE and silicone feel  realistic, like touching real skin. Both are also waterproof, making it easy to clean. 

TPE or silicone fetish sex dolls from True Touch Dolls are perfect for your mild to wild sexual satisfaction. 

Weigh-in based on your research from our customers’ reviews and feedback which sex doll will be better. TPE sex dolls? Or silicone sex dolls? Either ways, both sex doll materials are legit worth it. 

2. Sex Doll Designs and Features

You should’ve noticed by now how detailed out sex dolls are, based on the sex doll photos shown. It’s because we give our full attention in making it as realistic as possible, without leaving any details behind. Our authentic lifelike sex dolls are modeled and structured using metal. This allows your sex doll to bend or achieve the position you want by adjusting its joint stiffness. 

Our sex dolls are made to last, so go all out without worrying. True Touch Dolls’ love dolls can be your lifelike sex doll long-term companion.

For visual pleasures, our sex dolls figure and facial features are full attended to. You can see the doll’s authenticity, and or ethnicity just by looking at it. 

As mentioned before, sex dolls from True Touch Dolls are highly customizable. Essential parts are fully taken care of.

3. Sex Doll Accessories

Your sex doll’s accessories are a must have. Lingerie and clothing adds up to your mood for sex. Find the hair,  lingerie and clothing that match your fetish sex doll. So  dress them up, then strip them down and do the rest. 

Your sex doll can come with USB heating rod (if your sex doll doesn’t come with full-body heating technology). You can now heat your sex doll’s orifices, and achieve that natural body heat you’ve been longing for.

Your sex doll package will come up with pre-selected accessories so make sure to check them out. 

4. Delivery Time, Packaging, and Confidentiality

Allow True Touch Dolls to carefully design, create and assemble your new high-end sex doll one(1) to three(3) weeks. We do not rush any work, so that we wouldn’t risk the quality. Plus, minimum of 3 days to maximum of 10 days  of shipping, depending on your location. 

The sex doll package from True Touch Dolls will arrive at your door step without labels, printed marking, or company logos ensuring you discrete confidential packaging.

5. Easy Payment Methods and Free Shipping Worldwide

True Touch Dolls’ customers can  pay  via debit or credit card, all major cards accepted like Mastercard, American Express, Discover and others. 

Anonymous payments in the forms Blockchain, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and Ethereum are also accepted

Wherever you are, you can pay easily and your package will be shipped to you for free. 

We want you to experience the realistic sex you’ve been looking for, just like the great sex experience from our happy customers. Read the reviews and feedback from our valued customers, find out which sex dolls are their favorite,  so that you’ll know why they joined our club! 

Add to cart that sex doll you’ve been eyeing on, and get that sex  experience anytime you want. 

If you have any issues and concerns regarding our products and services , feel free to contact us. We have customer service available to give you the information you want.