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"School Girl" Sex Dolls

Have you ever had the fantasy of wanting to experience the hot college girl next door?Β  Meet our fantasy sex doll College Girl collection.Β Β Whether you're looking for the hot, slim inexperienced sex doll of the new Freshmen class or the sexy, experienced Senior sex doll, you're covered.
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Best School Girl Sex Dolls


We know very well that we have customers who are into Japanese teen sex dolls with anime-like hentai features that at the same time have realistic feel. There are also customers who fantasizes about an erotic relationship with a hot college girl next door and any sexual fantasies.  That’s why we created this category collection.


Check out  Trixie,   who’s only 4’10 tall and has a petite figure. She realistically resembles a young teen’s  face and body, except that, she’s legal, she’s hotter, more perky and is ready to get laid anytime.


With round almond-shaped eyes,   Masumi   looks cute, smart and outgoing. Given that she belongs to the young teen sex dolls category, she has a fit 19 year old’s body. Dress her up the way you like it. Masumi can nail any cosplay you want.


Looking for a more curvy and mature looking β€œcollege girl”. Try Anna,   her small waist accentuates her big busts  and fat ass - giving  her the ultimate hourglass figure. Anna is always willing to be lectured by you!



More into a tanned, Latina teenager? Our   Sunshine  lives up to her name. She’ll totally give you sunshine with her petite figure, playful and seducing facial features. Don’t forget to dress her up also, and then take them down. 


Reagan is flawless. Reagan looks like a smart college student, who’s making a living on her own. She’s curvy and undeniably hot. Because she’s a college student, she’s hardworking, and is waiting to please you.  You can support her by bringing her home. 


You can also dress   Li Jing   with a cute school uniform. She’s Asian and can totally cosplay. Li Jing looks cute and innocent, just like your dreamy anime characters you’ve always been dreaming of. Aside from being young-looking and petite, Li Jing can pull off any cosplay you want, so you can have that sexual satisfaction you want! 


There are more young teen sex dolls in the collection, so don’t forget to check them all out. You can dress them with school uniforms to make her look like you perfect  school girl. Price varies in all items, but it is surely a fair price.


Why You Should Get Yourself a Sex Doll


Sex dolls are becoming the new trend. Believe it or not, the number of our customers is increasing. The fact that one cannot just go out and grab a real sexual partner at any time you want and need, is just sad. So, we provide revolutionary sex dolls that caters our customers need - the human touch.


What we are most proud of, is the quality of our products in all aspects. From the realistic skin texture, body curves and figure and facial designs, we don’t blink an eye. We are always happy to hear from our customers how they enjoyed their love doll companions, and we take our inspiration from that. 



Providing our customers the freedom to purchase what they have asked us to customize in any way is also our best asset. From its  orifices’ depths, eye color, skin tone, breast and ass sizes, we got you covered. 


And if you don’t have anything in particular, or you are having trouble in deciding for yourself, you can check out our variety of our collections. We have Asian, MILF, BBW, Exotic, fetish, and other themed dolls in different categories to get inspiration from or order immediately. 


You see, releasing your sexual desires is very important  as it can help you become stable physically and emotionally. Our job is to make your experience realistic and better with our lifelike sex dolls. 



Manufacturers are looking ahead at the future in creating robotic sex dolls with artificial intelligence for the sole purpose of providing customers the best sexual experience. So search for your dream love companion in our product categories, and be updated on our latest releases.


Why Shop With Us?


Purchasing a sex doll can be critical and expensive, it affects your budget, your experience and your health. That’s why consider purchasing products from a reliable business website that can offer you an affordable-reasonable price for a high quality love companion. 


Here are the five(5) main reasons  why you should shop with us:


1. TPE and Silicone

First things first, our love dolls are medical graded - which means the material used will not cause our customers any harm and is hypoallergenic. The skin and flesh materials range from standard to premium quality TPE and silicone. 


The β€œrealistic feel” or essence greatly depends on its skin material. Both TPE and silicone feel  realistic, like touching real skin. Both are also waterproof, making it easy to clean. 


TPE or silicone sex dolls will definitely give you sexual pleasures. It’s like physically having that anime hentai character you always watch, or having that hot college girl next door on your bed. 


2. Designs and Features


Our items are carefully modeled and structured using metals. The sex doll’s joints can be adjusted to achieve the stiffness and position you want. Allowing you to position your her to any sex positions from cowgirl, doggie style, missionary or even Kamasutra positions. Definitely your choice. 


Rest assured that the items are made to be sturdy as your long-term love companion. 


The  figure and facial features are also given full attention, to suit your visual pleasures. You can see our sex doll’s ethnicity just by looking at it. Her facial  structure, the shape of her face, eyes, nose and lips every detail you can imagine. 


Of course, your love doll’s private parts are fully taken care of. Depending on your preference, you can make your ideal lifelike sex doll’s breasts and ass bigger or smaller. You decide. Its orifices can be modified depending on the depth you want, so don’t hesitate to tell us how deep you want them to be. 


3. Accessories


Having accessories for your β€œschool girl” love doll is really important! This will enhance your imagination as well as your experience. Look for a suitable hair, lingerie and clothing (like school uniform) from our sex doll accessories collection. 


Did you know that your package can come with a USB heating rod? (if your sex doll doesn’t come with full-body heating technology). You can now heat your sex doll’s orifices, and achieve that natural body heat you’ve been longing for.


You sex doll’s accessories are essentials. You buy them, dress them up and eventually strip them down. That’s how it works, to spice up the mood!


Your package will come up with pre-selected accessories so make sure to check them out. 

4. Delivery Time, Packaging, and Confidentiality

Please allow us to carefully design, create and assemble your new high-end products one(1) to three(3) weeks. We do not rush any work, so that we wouldn’t risk the quality. Plus, minimum of 3 days to maximum of 10 days delivery shipping depending on your location. 


The package will arrive at your doorstep without labels, printed marking, or company logos ensuring you discreet confidential packaging. 

5. Easy Payments and Free Shipping Worldwide

Our customers can  pay  via debit or credit card, all major cards accepted like Mastercard, American Express, Discover and others. 


Anonymous payments in the forms Blockchain, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and Ethereum are also accepted


We help our customers select purchases, easily pay for it at a fair price and help them save by our free shipping service. 


If you have any concerns about your purchases, shipping, and payment methods, feel free to contact us via email or see the reviews and FAQs page.