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Lifelike Sex Dolls Full Collection

Shop the most realistic, life size sex dolls that are for sale online.Β  Our dolls create the closest, life like feeling of pleasure that an adult sex toy can provide.Β  As an authorized retailer of dolls from brands such as WM Doll, YL Doll, Qita Doll, Jarliet Doll, and our very own True Touch Dolls, our silicone sex dolls feel better, last longer, andΒ look sexier!Β  Shop our newest sex doll releases today.Β Β Enjoy!

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Lifelike Sex Dolls Full Collection

Are you looking for someone who’s always ready to fill your sexual needs? Get yourself a love doll from True Touch Dolls. Look for lifelike sex dolls in our collection and you will be more than satisfied to see and feel how realistic our sex dolls are! TPE sex dolls to silicone sex dolls we have it here! And is also free shipping worldwide. Your ultimate love doll is waiting for you. 

How Lifelike are True Touch Dolls' Sex Dolls?

We here at True Touch Dolls make sure that every bit of detail in our sex dolls are fully tended to and produce the most realistic sex dolls you can ever have. 

The quality of our sex dolls are more than worth it to its price. The materials is used in our sex dolls are medical graded. So it’s safe for our customers.  We have numerous positive  reviews and feedback    from our valued customers  on how sturdy and how β€œlife like” our sex dolls are whether if it is made of TPE or silicone material. We also have satisfied customers saying how they appreciate our secure packaging and shipping deals.

Our life like sex dolls’s features are detailed from head to toe. You can choose and customize your ideal real life sex doll and let us know. Or, see our sex doll collections and have some tweaks on the sex doll features and material you want. 


You can choose you sex doll’s hair or wig with our variety of wigs available, from blonde to brunette and other colors such as purple, from curly to straight, long or short, with or without bangs.

Skin tone

Choose from white, natural, pinkish, light tan, tan, bronze or black skin tone. Whichever you like, we have it here. Your preferred skin tone independent from the skin and flesh material to be used. 

Breast Type

For a realistic sex experience, our sex doll’s breast type range from premium to standard TPE material. You can get to choose your sex doll’s cup size, and decide if you want to have it solid TPE breasts or the hollow TPE breasts. Both types feel realistic, and because it is TPE, you can rock and wobble her back and forth without worrying about them getting saggy or stretched out.

Areola Color and Size

Go all out with your perfect lifelike sex doll - love doll companion. Decide which areola color you want your sex doll to have. Choose from skin tone, pink, light brown, and brown colored areolas. Areola sizes vary from petite, normal, large to extra-large sized areolas. 

Vagina Type and Depth

Decide if you want your sex doll to  have a removable, built-in or trans (in which it is a removable vagina with insertable penis attachment). Be amazed how any of these feel so real. You can tell us how deep the vagina you want your sex doll have, and we will work on it right away. 

Orifices Depths (Vagina, Anus, Mouth)

Let us know how deep (in inches or centimetres)  you want your sex dolls to have. 

Labia Color

Choose from skin tone, pink, light brown to brown colored labia for your ultimate life like sex doll. 

Pubic Hair Options 

Decide if you want your sex doll to have pubic hair or not. We go a little extra to provide you with realistic sex doll.


This is an an important aspect of your sex doll, so decide carefully if you want your sex doll to be made of TPE or silicone material, or if you want your sex doll material be standard, traditional or premium material. Either ways, whatever you decide on, we assure you that its lifelike quality will not be severely affected. 

Feet Option

Choose if you want your sex doll to have a standing feet (with three small studs on her soles to support for standing) or have it with non standing feet (with no studs). 

Fingernails and Toenails Color

Nails can really add up to your sex dolls’ sexiness. So choose from which color you want your sex doll to have on their nails. 

Advance Tech Options

Your sex doll can come with a full-body heating functionality and or touch-activated sound. You can enjoy natural body heat and natural moaning sound from your ultimate love doll! This totally adds up to the feel-real factor. 

Storage Options

Sex dolls can be expensive so you would want a storage to keep your sex doll from any harm. It is just right to have your sex doll stored in a storage hard case with or without wheels. 

Sex Doll Collections

Check out our realistic or lifelike sex dolls full collection and see for yourself. The following are TPE sex dolls from our collection, although you can also find silicone sex dolls. 

Meet  Chanel,   with blonde hair and ash grey eyes, this 5’1 curvy pawg (phat white ass girl) girl  is waiting for you to take her in your home, and make love all night long.

If you are into petite, redhead teens, then check out our sex doll  Brittnee.   She has dark eyes, tanned skin, and a small waist that you can totally grab on.  Our customers love sex dolls like Brittnee.

Another petite but with stronger ethnic identity,  Sadaijah.   Her ebony skin, wide thigh gap and her overall fit body makes her incredibly irresistible. What’s even better? She has other friends who are just  like her that we are sure you’ll love! So check them out. 

Looking for your ideal Japanese sex doll? Or other Asian sex dolls? Take a look at  Natsumi. She always has this look in her eyes, that she’s waiting for you to bring her home. Natsumi looks innocent, cute, petite and is ready to go. Get your own Natsumi now, and make that Asian sex dream of your come true.

We all have different fetishes, if you are more into having sex with a pregnant women or a wife material, we have  Kim for you. Kim is an elegant, with an actual doll-like face, Asian pregnant young woman that will definitely satisfy your fetish. 

Here at True Touch Dolls, we offer highly customized sex dolls that changes your sex experience in to the next level. Providing your realistic, lifelike love doll companions to accompany you whenever you need them. Choose a TPE or silicone sex doll that turns you on. Either ways, any sex doll from True Touch Dolls will never make you regret. 

The ones we’ve mentioned here are just sneak peaks. See more of our sex doll category collection in the following: 

How to Order Sex Dolls from True Touch Dolls

Ordering in True Touch Dolls is super easy. Once you have your shopping cart with the sex dolls and sex doll accessories you need, you can then proceed to β€˜check out’. 

True Touch Dolls with 4 simple steps in completing your purchase. First is you add products to your cart, then check out. True Touch Doll’s system will ask for your personal information such as your email or phone number, your name, and address. 

Next is shipping, True Touch Doll with tell you how long it would take them to make your sex doll, or make customization on your sex dolls before shipping. This depends on your order. Know that, True Touch Dolls does not take your sex doll’s quality for granted. 

The last stage is choosing your payment methods to pay for the products. You can pay via credit card, blockchain, PayPal and Klarna. 

True Touch Dolls offers free shipping worldwide. To make you feel at ease, know that True Touch Dolls discrete, confidential packaging. So no labels, printed markings and company logos will be seen  on your package.

Talk with our customer care representative if you have some issues regarding your purchase or requests for your sex doll. Get yourself your own customized life size, life like, realistic sex doll from True Touch Dolls and have someone to love and make love with for real.