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Best Selling Sex Dolls Collection

Best Selling Sex Dolls -Β The Most Realistic Feeling Sex Dolls of 2020

Shop our best selling sex dolls from our newest love doll companion collection each month!Β  These are by far, the most humanly realistic feeling sex dollsΒ that exist, and there's a reason they're our best sellers.Β  Have a more specific idea of what you're looking for?Β  Browse our Collections for a more personable taste in the different categories and brands of sex dolls we carry.Β  Enjoy!

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Best Selling Sex Dolls Collection

There are over hundreds or thousands of  businesses selling different kinds of sex dolls on the internet. However, not all sex dolls you can find have therealistic feel and touch. You can find what you're looking for here in True Touch Dolls. With our sex doll collections with TPE and silicon material for lifelike experience, authentic face and body structure designs and other sex doll accessories. 

...I’ll say this, it is amazing, like it feels and looks so much better than I’ve imagined.. 
            - Tyler H. on Adison 

..Natsume was my first and still is my favorite companion. I ordered her around 8-9 months ago I think and she is still doing well..
    - Joseph D. on Natsume

Nothing makes us here in True Touch Dolls happier than receiving feedback from our customers. Our TPE and silicone sex dolls come with fictional sex experience, characteristic and preference to help spice up your wild imaginations. If you decide to purchase a TPE sex doll or a silicone sex doll with us, you can save money with our deals and free shipping worldwide. 

As of the moment, True Touch Dolls only offer sex doll for males thus no male sex doll collection available. But don’t worry, we have trans type (vagina or penis) which can be removable or built-in to our sex dolls that can also give you a male sex doll experience. 

What Makes These Sex Dolls Best Selling?

The sex dolls under the best selling collection are those most viewed and purchased sex dolls from our store. We greatly value our customers’ feedback about our products to keep us inspired and can make further improvements. From our sex dolls’ head to toe, we do not leave any detail behind. 

Plus, the fact that our sex dolls are highly-customizable makes our customers very happy for the freedom to make their wildest sex dreams come true! 

Take our best-selling   Isla   as an example.

With Mediterranean tanned skin, blue eyes, bronze-colored hair and petite figure, you can make her yours and take her home  for as low as $1,400. 

If you are more into fair-skinned and busty dolls,   Alyx   will not disappoint you. Check her out and find the reasons why you should bring her home. 

Karma, our best selling blonde, lives up to its reputation. With her white skin, ocean blue eyes, pouty pink lips and fit curvy body, you’ll love her company every day and night! 

Our best-selling cute   Li Jing,   will satisfy your fantasy. Li Jing has black short hair and pitch black eyes, flawlessly white skin and a small figure - making her ultimately look like a human doll! 

There will always be customers who prefer sexually attractive older women or MILF (Mom, I’d Like to Fuck) sex dolls. So we introduce our best-selling TPE sex doll, MILF Miranda,   who’s a busty, tanned Latina, and waiting for you at your home. 

We all have different fetishes and preferences. Here at True Touch Dolls, we respect and value that. So we offer innovative sex dolls that you will surely enjoy as your ultimate love doll companion.

Here is    Nellie, exotic and petite sex doll with a nineteen (19) year old’s face and fit body. 

See more of our   best selling sex doll collection   and find your self a love doll companion. If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, feel free to let us know regarding your love doll preferences and features. We always do our best to create your dream sex doll! 

What Makes True Touch Dolls' Love Dolls Lifelike?

First things first, our sex dolls are life size. Second, we put all our skills and efforts on making every detail of our dolls realistic. Of course, we put extra attention to our dolls’ sensitive and important parts:

Other sex doll details:

With these sex doll details fully attended to, we aim in providing you the best real life sex dolls you can get your hands on. 

Our sex dolls are made with adjustable metallic skeleton with adjustable stiffness.  Stiffness can be adjusted to whatever sex positions you like. 

Although our sex dolls are structured using metal, we made sure that they weigh exactly human-like, with the exact weight on the sex doll’s profile description. 

We ensure our customers high-quality and sturdy sex dolls that would last for ages. 

The skin material of our sex dolls  is medical graded. True Touch Dolls’ sex dolls are either premium quality TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) and silicone made - ensuring great soft touch, making it incredibly lifelike. You can get the realistic sex doll you deserve. 

True Touch Dolls is continuously making lifelike sex dolls designed to give pleasure to all kinds of customers. See our new sex doll additions in the newest sex doll collection page. 

What is TPE?

TPE or thermoplastic elastomer is a combination of rubber and plastic. It is superior than silicone sex dolls. Your TPE sex dolls can be stretched repeatedly or wobble its curves back and forth, and it will not sag or become stretched out. So you can enjoy the night away without worrying. 

It is also a lot softer compared to other rubber materials  and more skin-like. With TPE material, your sex doll can achieve multiple positions thanks to its superior flexibility.What makes TPE a lot better compared to silicon and other materials used for sex dolls is that, it is hypoallergenic,  cheaper and recyclable. TPE sex dolls’s breasts and ass, would feel smooth, soft, bouncy, and undeniably real - making you love your love doll even more!  

Get the best sex satisfaction from real life sex dolls. 

What is Silicone?

The advantage of silicone sex dolls is that they are way much easier to clean than TPE sex dolls as they become less sticky compared to TPE. Although it is more expensive, there are some reviews that say, silicone sex dolls have the most realistic vaginal and anal feel, making you experience realistic sex.

Either made of TPE or silicone, both make great realistic sex dolls. 

True Touch Dolls' Packages

Your sex doll can come with accessories of your choice such as:

True Touch Dolls also offer sex doll packages and bundles that can help you save up  while having your perfect threesome (or more) fantasy. 

You can also get free shipping on all purchases wherever you are residing. Check out our   sex doll accessories collection

How to Use a Love Doll?

The day you have been waiting for has come and now you’re contemplating on how to start assembling your new love doll or sex doll. Follow through with the simple steps provided.

Step 1 : Start by bringing your package carefully to a spacious room. 

Step 2: Open your package using a box cutter. You can then see how your sex doll’s body is fully wrapped with bubble wraps and stryrofoam to ensure that your sex doll arrives in best condition. Separate any other sex doll accessories you have in the package.

Step 3: You can see that your sex doll’s head is separately wrapped from it’s body. Carefully, unwrap everything. 

Step 4: Assemble your sex doll’s head to its body. 

Step 5: Attach accessories, like its hair and lingerie. 

After following those 5 simple steps, you can then start making love and use them to satisfy any of your needs.