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True Touch Dolls' Top 40 Sex Dolls

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True Touch Dolls' Top Sex Dolls

With all our sex doll collections here in True Touch Dolls, you can browse and choose your love doll companion. We offer a variety of realistic sex dolls in different features, ethnicity, color, size and such  just to provide pleasure for our customers. A selection of TPE and silicone sex dolls, we all have it here. 

In this Top 40 collection, we present our best picks and best seller sex dolls from our staff and valued customers.  Think of this as your guide to buying your own real sex dolls. If you are outside the United States, don’t worry! We have free shipping services worldwide. 

Sex Doll Collections:

You can browse and  jump to sex dolls collection by filtering them through category, cup size, or height. 

Best Asian Sex Dolls

Looking for our best selling and  Asian sex dolls? Jump here

Although True Touch Dolls’ top Asian sex dolls have small and petite figure, you can definitely customize your sex doll’s feature, whether you want a flat-chested Asian sex doll or a busty Asian sex doll, we can make it for you! 

If are still undecided, try checking out our top Asian sex dolls. 

This is   Masumi,   a best-selling teen Japanese sex doll. She looks shy and innocent but totally gorgeous. Every part of her is so realistic.

Another Japanese sex doll  Haruko,   with her almond-shaped eyes, tanned skin and totally young petite figure, she can be your ultimate love doll companion. Check out her oriental features all in all, and find out what makes here so lifelike. 

If you are more into BBW Asian sex doll, here’s  Hei Ryung your Korean sex doll. She’s fit but curvy. Her huge boobs are soft and realistic. Every detail of our Korean sex doll, Hei Ryung is undeniably realistic. Check out what makes her an ultimate lifelike Asian sex doll!

Check out the Asian Sex Dolls full collection if you wish to see more! 

Best Caucasian Sex Dolls

We all have the best Caucasian sex dolls. From BBW, petite, MILF sex dolls, we have it here. See for yourself   here

Caucasian sex dolls are best sellers! Here’s our flawless sex doll  Elina.   Who looks better than any sexy celebrities and porn stars out there. Her dominant look, facial features, and body are what makes her β€œhigh-end”. 

Looking for another classy but MILF sex doll?  Jolie  will exceed your expectations, she's a lifelike Caucasian sex doll with classy and sexy vibe. Check out Jolie, and what makes her a best pick lifelike sex doll. 

Luna   is still new in the top pick collection but she got picked for several reasons. What makes her unique compared to other Caucasian sex dolls, is that she’s overall chubby but this doesn’t make her any less sexy and undeniably beautiful. So make sure to check her out, and be surprised how realistic she looks! 

Here’s the classic Caucasian sex doll,    Angelina. There’s more about Angelina that you have to check out! She’s not a best-selling sex doll  for no reason! 

Best Ebony Sex Dolls

Nothing beats authenticity with ethnicity. Our gorgeous black sex dolls are always on the go. See our   top ebony sex dolls!  Find out why! 

Monique is not your typical ebony sex doll. With her enormous breasts, fine fat ass and well-defined facial features, every bit of her is lifelike - the ultimate BBW sex doll.  She’s the sex doll you wanted to get home to every night.

Ebony sex doll   Kaylani, is petite, perky, ebony and sexy! Her small figure doesn’t stop her from going all out during sex!

Best Latina Sex Dolls

When we think of Latina sex dolls, we think of them as curvy, tanned, and erotically exotic! You got it right! Check out  our top picks for  the top Latina sex dolls

Miranda,  is your MILF Latina sex doll. Miranda is an erotic Latina sex doll with huge busts and a wide hip that supports her big ass. No one will ever get tired of Miranda as she’s so lifelike. Hear from our customers and see why!

Another Latina sex doll is  Elisa. She's a slim exotic Latina who looks ready for anything! The best Latina TPE/silicone sex doll. 

See more of our best picks for Latina sex dolls! 

There are still a lot of TPE and silicone sex dolls to discover so you can find the best sex doll for you to treat your sexual satisfaction. There’s no regret in purchasing any sex doll from True Touch Dolls. That’s what you get by shopping with a reliable sex doll manufacturer that prioritizes its customers pleasures. 

Why Shop With Us?

We, here at True Touch Dolls are inspired by our valued customers’ feedback regarding how they enjoyed their lifelike sex dolls. Although there are many reasons why you should shop with us,here are the five(5) main reasons why you should definitely buy your sex dolls from us! 

1. TPE and Silicone Sex Dolls

True Touch Dolls’ sex dolls are medical graded. The materials used are safe and are hypoallergenic. Our love dolls’ skin and flesh materials range from standard to premium quality TPE and silicone. This is where the β€œrealistic feel” and the lifelike-ness of your sex doll greatly depends on. Whichever the case,  TPE and silicone feel  realistic, like touching real skin. Both are also waterproof, making it easy to clean. 

TPE or silicone fetish sex dolls from True Touch Dolls are perfect for your mild to wild sexual satisfaction. 

2. Sex Doll Designs and Features

Real sex dolls, gives you real sex. You should’ve noticed by now how detailed our best sex dolls are, based on the sex doll photos shown. It’s because we give our full attention in making it as realistic as possible, without leaving any details behind. Our authentic lifelike sex dolls are modeled and structured using metal. This allows your sex doll to bend or achieve the position you want by adjusting its joint stiffness. 

Our sex dolls are made to last, so go all out without worrying. True Touch Dolls’ love dolls can be your lifelike sex doll long-term companion.

For visual pleasures, our sex dolls figure and facial features are full attended to. You can see the doll’s authenticity, and or ethnicity just by looking at it. 

As mentioned before, sex dolls from True Touch Dolls are highly customizable. Essential parts are fully taken care of.

3. Sex Doll Accessories

Your sex doll’s accessories are a must have. Lingerie and clothing adds up to your mood for sex. Find the hair,  lingerie and clothing that match your fetish sex doll. So  dress them up, then strip them down and do the rest. 

Your sex doll can come with USB heating rod (if your sex doll doesn’t come with full-body heating technology). You can now heat your sex doll’s orifices, and achieve that natural body heat you’ve been longing for. Note that all accessories are perfect for both TPE  sex doll and silicone sex doll. 

Your sex doll package will come up with pre-selected accessories so make sure to check them out. 

4. Delivery Time, Packaging, and Confidentiality

Allow True Touch Dolls to carefully design, create and assemble your new high-end sex doll one(1) to three(3) weeks. We do not rush any work, so that we wouldn’t risk the quality. Plus, minimum of 3 days to maximum of 10 days  of shipping, depending on your location. 

The sex doll package from True Touch Dolls will arrive at your door step without labels, printed marking, or company logos ensuring you discrete confidential packaging. 

5. Easy Payment Methods and Free Delivery Worldwide

True Touch Dolls’ customers can  pay  via debit or credit card, all major cards accepted like Mastercard, American Express, Discover and others. 

Anonymous payments in the forms Blockchain, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and Ethereum are also accepted

Wherever you are, you can pay easily and your package will be shipped to you for free. 

Although our customers all over the world have different preferences and fetishes, we made that their experience with their purchased sex doll gives then a great sex experience. 

We also make and customize sex dolls from our customers’ requests, so let us know if you have some ideas for your sex doll!