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FAQ - A Sex Doll Owner's Most Frequently Asked Questions


 So you're finally ready to buy yourself a sex doll... 

Congratulations, friend.

You've earned it! 

Now, we're sure you have some questions before you make your sex doll companion purchase, so read below for some answers to our our most frequently asked questions.  If we didn't cover something and you still have questions afterwards, Contact Us!  We're here to help!


First of all, the grand question on everyone's mind...

Feel, Fit & Form

Really, real.  Seriously.  Our sex dolls are hand-crafted by artists who have studied the beauty and perfection of the female body throughout their entire career.  Now, with the recent boom in sex doll purchases, these artists have found a new avenue to showcase their art and bring pleasure to the lives of those who have the luxury of enjoying them.  

Each curve, expression, and touch is specifically designed to make it feel real and you feel great

Research yourself. Check out our verified sex doll photo reviews from our True Touch Dolls club members!

Yes!  You have a few options to make your new sex doll feel almost indistinguishable to a real human body. 

First, with certain purchases, you may have the luxury of being able to add in a self-heating mechanism in which you plug your doll in prior to use, and it automatically heats up to a realistic body-feeling temperature for you to enjoy.  This selection (if available) is located under the customization tab within each doll's product page.

Otherwise, one of our True Touch USB body heating elements works fantastic as well!  Just makes sure if you're using one of our body heating elements, you follow our Doll Heating Instructions carefully.  Misuse of heating element or misplacement of doll position can cause body parts to melt and permanently warp from overheating. 

Please be advised to always carefully oversee your doll as you are in the process of raising body temperature.

Sex dolls are designed to actively mimic the true feeling and tightness of a real virgin vagina.  Each doll's specific depth measurements are listed on the doll's product page.

Yes!  We are an authorized retailer of most popular sex doll brands.  The doll you see is the doll you get! 

Need further proof?  Check out our sex doll Photo Reviews from our club members.


Yes!  Most dolls listed will have an option to add full body heating + true sounds in the customization area of your doll’s product page.

Removable vaginas are typically easier to clean, as you can remove the sleeve from inside your doll's vagina, clean it, and place it back into your doll when you're ready to enjoy again.  The feeling between the two stays the same, but the accessibility and adaptability (to insert a trans penis attachment) is superior with a removable vagina.  

If you are interested in having a custom-made sex doll created from your fantasy's likeness, just for you, please email us.  We'd be glad to see if we can help. Please do not send any photos during your initial inquiry. 

A few notes on custom sex doll creation: we will not, under any circumstance, re-create the likeness of any known public figure or any doll with the appearance of anyone even remotely close to under the age of 18.  If you inquire about an underage doll, we have no issue reporting you to the proper authorities. Seriously, don't ask.

We try to make all of our sex dolls as lifelike and realistic feeling as possible.  Therefore, if you order your sex doll to include pubic hair, it is glued into the TPE silicon skin of the doll as permanently as possible.  If you try to remove the pubic hair patch, there may be permanent “scarring” on the silicone afterwards.

Use, Care & Maintenance

It is imperative that you only use water-based lubricant.

We recommend cleaning your doll after every use and especially before storage. Proper care ensures a long-lasting companion and increased long-lasting pleasure.  For a more detailed guide on maintenance and cleaning your sex doll, please visit our full blog post, Cleaning & Maintenance.

We've dedicated an entire section within our Cleaning, Care & Maintenance article to sex doll storage, so make sure to read the details there.  Long story short, however, make sure to store your doll either vertically, using a sex doll storage hanger hook, or lying flat on your doll's back and unbent.  For maximum longevity and care, we highly recommend storing your love doll in a sex doll storage case.

Dark clothing that is dyed with low quality dyes may have the potential to stain your doll's silicone if stored with these items on for long periods of time (10 days or more). As a precaution, wash all dark and vibrant colored clothes before dressing your doll. Tightly-fitted clothing or straps left on your doll over an extended period of time can form dents or deformations within the silicone of your love doll.  Also, make sure to be careful using clothing with zippers, snaps, etc. These also have the potential of damaging your doll. In other words, it’s absolutely fine (and encouraged!) to dress your doll in exactly what you've envisioned, but just don’t store your doll in these types of clothing for extended periods of time and be cautious while dressing your doll.  We have a large collection of sex doll accessories listed, here.  Enjoy!

General & Miscellaneous

Most dolls listed are manufactured and shipped from China.

Due to not only legal reasoning, but our personal opinions and values, we do not want any of our dolls to have even the slightest resemblance to anyone of that underage.  In saying that, True Touch Dolls has made a firm commitment to not carry any dolls under 140 cm or bearing any resemblance to that of a character under the age of 18 years old.

We are an authorized dealer of all official brands of sex dolls, including WM Doll, YL Doll, Jarliet Doll, AS Doll, CosDoll, 6YE, and our very own True Touch Dolls brand.  Simply Put, our dolls look better, feel realer, and last longer!   Also, our customer service can't be matched in the rare occurrence there are any issues with the delivery of your new sex doll companion. 

Confidentiality & Security

No!  Your package will be confidential with no markings indicating what's in the box or who it's from.  No one will know that you purchased a sex doll except for you.

Unfortunately, in any industry, there's going to be some bad apples.  We're aware of the possible sex doll scam websites, and we can assure you to the highest degree that the doll you purchase is the doll you will receive.  Period.

Confidentiality and overall wellness, satisfaction, and enjoyment has been our top priority and promise to each of our loyal customers shopping True Touch Dolls since we began to transform the sex doll industry in early 2017.  Our goal to forward the sex doll industry continued to expand as relationships with new, trusted sex doll companies blossomed, and we're proud of what we've grown to become within the sex doll community today.

We use standard 256-bit SSL Checkout encryption powered by Shopify to ensure each purchase is safe and secure. You'll receive emails keeping you in the loop on your doll's progress throughout the production process, and all orders come with (free) shipping tracking numbers and notifications. Finally, each sex doll order requires an adult signature upon arrival at your doll's destination to absolutely ensure delivery.

You can always trust you're receiving authorized sex dolls at True Touch Dolls, and we've taken every step possible to stand out in the crowd of sex doll websites to ensure your purchase is protected and delivered in timely fashion. Our process, our reviews, and our team is as transparent as we possibly can be, and we welcome you to investigate for yourself! What you'll find is a diversified club of satisfied sex doll owners proud to show off their sex dolls purchased at True Touch Dolls, and we hope that you'll trust us to fulfill your fantasy of a lifetime through your next sex doll purchase.

Absolutely not!  We promise that your secret is safe with us.  Online data security is as serious as it gets these days, and we take our customers' disclosure of personal information and security as just that.  Our website is SSL-Encrypted and is thoroughly secured on our back end through Shopify's leading, PCI-Compliant, security technology.  We will never release or sell your information. Period.


• Credit/Debit Card

• Monthly Payments through Klarna

• Layaway with monthly payments through Put It On Lay-Buy

• Blockchain

We accept all major credit and debit card companies, blockchain, and, YES, we have monthly payment plan options offered through our partner, Klarna, *currently listed at 0% interest based upon requirements and personal approval.  Please see our Payment Methods page for more details and current offers.

The only way to find out is to apply through checkout.  Approval is based upon a lot of different factors, but applying at Checkout takes only seconds.   If you find you're not approved, Put It On Lay-Buy is another great option. (Read below)

If you'd still like to make monthly payments for your new sex doll, but you're not approved through Klarna, you can choose Put It On Lay-Buy at checkout to lock in your savings today with a down payment and spread your payments out amongst 3 months.  Read more on our Payment Methods page.

Yes!  Choose Put It On Lay-Buy to put down a down payment on your doll, and pay it off throughout the next three months.  Visit our Payment Methods page for more detailed information.

Each doll is produced bespoke, created just for you.  While each sex doll brand's manufacturing time is different, and some customizations allow for different production schedules, please allow up to 2-3 weeks for your new sex doll companion to be carefully created and arrive for your introduction. 

While this is an estimated time frame, we always do our absolute best to exceed expectations so your new doll arrives as fast as possible.

Although buyer's remorse is not something we experience very often with our dolls, we do understand that in rare occurrences, you may wish to cancel your order afterwards. We allow you to cancel your order only within 12 hours of placing your order.  There are absolutely no exceptions to this policy.  Getting your new doll to you as fast as possible is our top priority, so in the event that we have already begun the creation and assembly of your doll, a $150 restocking fee per doll will be assessed and a partial refund will be issued.

Please see our Shipping & Return Policy for full information.

Shipping & Tracking

A few common Checkout issues and how to fix them.

My Card Keeps Getting Declined.  Confirm that the billing address listed on your credit or debit card account statement matches your billing and shipping address listed for your upcoming order.  All must be the same address, match with your bank, and written in correct format.

Still having an issue, or did something else come up?  Contact us to let us know what you're experiencing, and include a screenshot if possible. We'll do our absolute best to either fix the issue or offer assistance with your order.  We want to make your sex doll purchase possible today.  Let's chat!

Yes!  There are no markings on the box indicating that you've purchased and shipped a sex doll.  Your secret is safe with us 😉

No.  Your shipping and billing address must match.  There are no exceptions to this policy.  An in-person adult signature is required on all purchases over $49.

Sure! As long as your shipping and billing information match at checkout, you can register through FedEx or UPS to hold your package for you at their location.  Otherwise, if you’re not home on their first delivery attempt, you’ll also have the option to pick up and sign for your package at their location afterwards.

Due to local laws and customs restrictions, we unfortunately cannot ship our luxury sex dolls to most Middle-Eastern, Islam-oriented countries, including the UAE. (Israel, excluded).  We also cannot ship to most countries located in Africa, along with other specific countries such as India and Indonesia.  Please check your local laws and customs regulations to make sure what you're purchasing is legal and can easily be delivered into your country.  Here's an article that lists some countries where it  may be illegal to purchase or own a sex doll.

 All right, enough chit chat.  Find your perfect sex doll fantasy companion, today!




Sex dolls are as fragile and delicate as they are beautiful.  Treat her as you would your weekend hookup, wife, or girlfriend, and you'll be fine!

All doll descriptions, categories, scenarios, characters, and likenesses are strictly for entertainment purposes only and are based entirely on fictional sex doll characters fantasized by the manufacturers and owners of True Touch Dolls.  Our goal is to provide you a starting fantasy of your doll's background prior to your introduction to each other.  Have fun with your new sex doll, but don't email us when your doll doesn't go skiing because it was characterized as her hobby in her profile. 😀 Enjoy!!