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Low Sex Doll Monthly Payment Plans Are Available For You!

Sex Doll Monthly Payment Plans

Flexible Sex Doll Payment Plan Options

Are you looking for your perfect sex doll, but not quite in the current position to put a full payment down? 

No problem, friend!  We've got your back.

Sex Doll Monthly Payment Plan Options at True Touch Dolls.

Introducing financing provided through Klarna, giving you low monthly payment plan options to secure your new sex doll from True Touch Dolls today.


How easy is it?

It's almost too easy... like, 60 seconds, easy.


How Does It Work?

tldr; You choose Klarna during our 60 second checkout and complete your order.  We create and ship your doll ASAP.  You make monthly payments to Klarna while enjoying your new doll.


if your doll costs $1000 or below, you can make a 25% down payment, receive your doll right away, and make the remaining 3 payments to Klarna afterwards...


you choose Put It On Lay-Buy during checkout and put down 25% to lock in your savings today.  Your doll is produced and is shipped as soon as your final payment is made.  You have up to 3 months to pay your balance.


Okay, How Exactly Does It Work?

It's super easy, and you don't need to do anything different than you normally would.  While browsing our diverse collections of b-e-a-utiful sex dolls, you'll notice that on every doll product page, there's this 👇 tag listed above your Add to Cart button:

Sex Doll Monthly Payment Options through Klarna.  True Touch Dolls.

If you click on "Learn More," you'll be able to see the different options listed for that particular doll.  This includes the offered monthly payment option that you'll pay for your new sex doll, along with the current interest rate and/or promotional deal offered.  *Right now, Klarna is currently offering 0% interest on all sex doll purchases, as long as your total balance is paid off in full within 12 months!

Now, the only mildly hard part... deciding which doll is your perfect doll.😊


Making Your Sex Doll Purchase with Monthly Payments through Klarna.

Okay, so you've found your perfect sex doll.  Perfect.  Now what?

There's nothing extra or special you need to do to make monthly payments for your new companion, which is what's great about using Klarna at True Touch Dolls.  Simply choose the customized options for your new love doll, and choose Add to Cart.

That's it. 

Now, you're in the Cart and ready to enter our 60 second checkout.

Click Check Out.

Sex Doll Monthly Payment Plan Options at True Touch Dolls.

*Feel free to click on the Verified Authorize.net Merchant Seal listed in your cart to verify our encryption license and confirm the security of your purchase.

Okay, now that you're at the first of three steps within our 60 second checkout, just enter your contact info and your Shipping/Billing address (make sure those match), click continue to confirm your Free Shipping method, and you're at the final step of your checkout.

Easy, right?

Good news - you're already done with the hardest part.

Next, simply choose "Pay Over Time with Klarna," confirm that your Billing and Shipping addresses match, and click the Complete My Order button.

Sex Doll Monthly Payment Plan Options at True Touch Dolls. 

Okay, only two more things... seriously.  

Klarna needs your birth date and your SSN to comply with federal regulations.  

Type those in, click Continue, review your conditions, click Submit, and BOOM.   

Low Monthly Sex Doll Monthly Payment Plan Options Available at True Touch Dolls.

You're finished!

A decision will be made immediately and, if approved, all future monthly payment information will be emailed to you directly from Klarna.  We'll begin production on your new sex doll right away, and you'll have a new doll introduction within 1-3 weeks!


If You're Approved...

A congratulations is in order!  

Enjoy your new sex doll from True Touch Dolls, and enjoy a new variation in pleasure that is indescribable and undeniable.


If You're Not Approved...

Don't Worry!  There's Another Way.

If your new sex doll is under $1000, Klarna gives you the option to split up your payments into four interest free installments.  Here's how it works.  You make a 25% down payment using your credit or debit card.  We produce and ship your doll to you ASAP, and you make the three remaining payments while enjoying your doll.  See the screenshot below for what you'll see when choosing this method through Klarna.

4 Interest Free Installments.  You Pay 25% Using Your Credit Card and Receive Your Doll ASAP!




Welcome to the club!









*At the time of this writing, Klarna is currently offering 0% interest on all sex doll purchases, as long as the total balance is paid off in full within 12 months.  Please check current offerings and conditions at the time of purchase.  Final credit offering, rates, and decision is based on a variable of factors, and Klarna is the final decision maker regarding the approval and onboarding process.  All monthly payments will be made to Klarna, NOT True Touch Dolls.  Exclusions may apply.  Current offers may not be available at time of purchase. (Original offer date: 8/1/18)