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😋 Li Jing - Sensual Social Media Manager Sex Doll from Tianjin, China

Li Jing

  • Age: 25
  • From: Tianjin, China
  • Occupation: Social Media Manager
  • Interests: Yoga, Home decor
  • Bucket List Item: Buy a Tesla
  • Birth Date: October 11
  • Favorite Position: Missionary
  • Most memorable sexual experience: Achieving orgasm from spanking
  • Sexual Fantasy: Have sex in a lavish bathtub of a fancy hotel


Li Jing is a high-spirited, energetic lover who needs to get off in the mornings to jump start her day. Her crazy side comes out when she's in a sexy situation. Spanking Li Jing calls for a guaranteed explosive orgasm. She loves to experiment with the ways in which pain and pleasure are interconnected. 


"I want a man who's not afraid to be rough with me, but still knows when a tender touch is the ultimate torture.  The perfect mixture of tease and dominance is crucial to my sexual satisfaction 😘 If only I could find the perfect dom.  Oh well, a doll can hope. 🤞"

  -Li Jing 😍👅


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