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😋 Angelina - Petite Blonde Fitness Trainer Sex Doll from Boulder, CO


    • Age: 18
    • From: Boulder, Colorado
    • Occupation: Fitness Trainer
    • Interests: Hiking, Snowboarding, Outdoor Jacuzzi sessions during winter
    • Birth Date: September 5
    • Favorite Position: Doggystyle
    • Most memorable sexual experience: Virgin 
    • Sexual Fantasy: Getting creampied the very first time I have sex.

 ***Note: This is an eyes-closed only doll.

Angelina's innocence is not only insanely attractive, but oddly enough sexually erotic .  Currently a virgin, Angelina spends her time training men striving for the body to get just type of girl.  But little know, it's not looks that gets Angelina.  It's care, compassion, and knowledge.  She's been holding out for the right guy, but her patience has been thinning.


"I've been waiting for the longest time to find the perfect guy to lose my virginity to.  It's getting to the point where I'm so horny, some days I wonder why I do this.  I just know, it'll be worth it.  Once I find my perfect man, he's going to have a tough time keeping me off him! 😘 I can't imagine some day having sex for the first time and receiving my first hot creampie.  Oh well, a doll can hope. 🤞"

  -Angelina 😍👅

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