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😘 Giulianna - 5'7" Toned Pilates Instructor Sex Doll from Oslo, Norway


        • Age: 24
        • From: Oslo, Norway
        • Occupation: Pilates Instructor
        • Interests: Watching American football, Running marathons
        • Bucket List Item: Ride a camel across the desert
        • Birth Date: August 4
        • Favorite Position: Cowgirl
        • Most memorable sexual experience: Using a strap-on with my girl friend
        • Sexual Fantasy: Using the strap-on with a guy 


Giulianna is a playful sex doll who loves to experiment with sexcessories in the bedroom. She's used a strap-on with a woman, but she's always wanted to try pegging a man. She's extremely strong and fit from her days at the gym, but she loves to submit to someone else for a change and show off her docile side. Her stamina is incredible and her sex drive is an equal match! She's always down to have a good time full of hardcore sex. 


"I rarely get worn out from any type of physical activity. That's why people love to hire me as their Pilates instructor. They know that I might get them into shape, but I can also get them under the sheets. Let's get sweaty together!! 😘 I neeeeeed someone like that!  Oh well, a doll can hope. 🤞"

  -Giulianna 😍👅


  • Sex Doll Companion Description:
  • Skin material: Medical-grade, premium quality TPE
  • Inside: TPE with metal skeleton
  • Weight: Approximately 84 lbs 
  • Height: 5 ft 7 in. (170 cm)
  • Measurements: 35-21-38 (US)
  • Orifices: Vaginal, Anal & Oral 
  • Feet length: 8.7"
  • Vagina depth: 7", Anal depth: 6-3/4", Oral depth: 5-1/8"
  • Package includes: Sex doll, Wig, Lingerie
  • (Please note: lingerie may be different than pictured)
  • Sex doll companion can be completely customized down the road by purchasing additional accessories such as wigs, eyelashes, nails, and lingerie.  
  • Confidential packaging.  Please allow up to 2-3 weeks for your new sex doll companion to be carefully created and arrive for your introduction.