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N95 Masks (In Stock - USA). CE FDA Certified. Proceeds Used to Donate N95 Masks to Nurses & Doctors In Need.


N95 Masks - In Stock Today - CE FDA Certified - Fast, Free Shipping



NOTE: Because our N95 masks reflect pricing at a small percentage above current cost, price is actively updated daily or weekly based on current manufacturing and shipping costs. 


We're aware that right now N95 masks are either a) hard to find/unavailable, b) overpriced and expensive, or c) being urged against purchase to make sure medical professionals are able to be provided the supply.  

As a business, we believe the shortage of N95 masks for medical professionals and the current inability for people to have access to affordable masks to wear at their choosing is a sensitive, complicated issue that needs to be fixed in short time. Read more on our take...

We're doing our part to help provide what we can for solutions to both issues.  We are donating as many N95 masks to nurses and those within the medical field as possible, while providing the opportunity for others to purchase masks at low costs... and you can help.

We've used our supply chain connections to carry a running stock of N95 masks for our faithful members of True Touch Dolls at low, reasonable prices, with the additional option to provide an extra donation to help supply even more N95 masks for United States nurses and doctors.

So, whether you're purchasing an N95 mask for yourself, your loved ones, a nurse you know, or to play out a new isolation fantasy scenario with your new sex doll, your purchase will help everyone in the process.  Thank you very much.


N95 Mask Details:

Stock Location: United States of America (Wisconsin)

Shipping: Free, fast 2-day priority USPS shipping

Model: MARS N95 Mask (3M N95 Mask alternate)

Certifications: FDA CE (See official FDA certification, here.)

Contents: Choose your options - 1 piece (1 - N95 mask) or 1 box (10 - N95 masks)

As stated above, proceeds will be used to provide donations of masks to USA nurses and other professionals within the medical field.  Our current donation hospitals are located within Madison and Milwaukee, Wisconsin; however, we understand and respect each hospital's individual request to not be mentioned within the donation profile on our website.