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😘 Natsumi - 5'6" Obedient Petite Nurse Sex Doll From Bangkok, Thailand



        • Age: 21
        • From: Bangkok, Thailand
        • Occupation: Nurse
        • Interests: Yoga, Crafting
        • Bucket List Item: Publish my own magazine column
        • Birth Date: September 28
        • Favorite Position: Standing up
        • Most memorable sexual experience: My boyfriend live-streaming himself face-f*cking me
        • Sexual Fantasy: Getting cuffed and being placed into the back seat of a police officer's car, then being orally pleasured while his sirens are on


Natsumi is an eager lover with a deep throat, and she loves to fill it with her master's thick member. She's a master of her own body, which quickly makes her a master of her partner's dick. If someone were to use handcuffs, she would reach the edge instantly. She has a fetish for authority figures and wants nothing more than for a cop to make her cum. 


"Yes, sir. I'll do whatever you say, sir... These are my favorite words to say during sex. 😘I love to be obedient to my man; in fact, I live for it.  If only I had someone to keep me humble all throughout the day.  Oh well, a doll can hope. 🤞"

  -Natsumi 😍👅


  • Sex Doll Companion Description:
  • Skin material: Medical-grade, premium quality TPE
  • Inside: TPE with metal skeleton
  • Weight: Approximately 88 lbs 
  • Height: 5 ft 6 in. (168 cm)
  • Measurements: 32-20-32 (US)
  • Orifices: Vaginal, Anal & Oral 
  • Feet length: 7.95"
  • Vagina depth: 7", Anal depth: 6-3/4", Oral depth: 5-1/8"
  • Package includes: Sex doll, Wig, Lingerie
  • (Please note: lingerie may be different than pictured)
  • Sex doll companion can be completely customized down the road by purchasing additional accessories such as wigs, eyelashes, nails, and lingerie.  
  • Confidential packaging.  Please allow up to 2-3 weeks for your new sex doll companion to be carefully created and arrive for your introduction.