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Sex Doll Travel and Storage Case


We'll guarantee confidentiality throughout delivery... The rest is up to you.

Keep your new sex doll companion clean and discreet with our True Touch Sex Doll Travel and Storage Case.

Each storage case is built with your doll's dimensions in mind.  It will not be a true-form cutout of your doll's body shape, but instead will be built to provide a firm, yet spacious setup with room for accessories.

Package includes (1) storage case with smooth travel wheels and key.


If you are ordering our sex doll travel storage case separate from your sex doll companion purchase, please let us know either which doll you've previously purchased through True Touch Dolls, or the Height/Shoulder/Length of your specific doll.


*Dimensions may not be 100% accurate due to customization of sizes.

Length: Up to 5'7" feet / 170cm
Weight: 55* lbs (25kg) (*Approximate. Actual weight depends on which size case is chosen)
Width: 16 inches (40cm)
Height: 16 inches (40cm) 
Locking Mechanism:  Lock & Key
Colour: Black
Material: Metal

*Please note, inside padding color has been updated to black.  Any cases over 5'5" must be shipped by sea due to size and weight.