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😋 Zurie - Cute Trick or Treater Vampire Sex Doll from Sighișoara, Romania


Sexy Fetish Vampire Sex Doll, Zurie

        • Age: 18
        • From: Sighișoara, Romania
        • Occupation: Anarchist
        • Interests: Immortality, Devious Sex
        • Bucket List Item: Suck the blood of a King
        • Birth Date: October 31
        • Favorite Position: Anything chained up and restrained
        • Most memorable sexual experience: Immortal, hardcore sex with my victim after he turned vampire
        • Sexual Fantasy: Find a man who can take my bite


Zurie is our Halloween Sex Doll special of the year.  She's a vampire witch sex doll that is by far the most devious of all the True Touch Dolls.   She's got a thirst for blood and taste for d*ck The sheer mix between fear and beauty that Zurie exonerates is frightful, but intriguing. 


"I've been in this world for thousands of years, so as far as sexual experience, I'm a sex doll that has more experience than any doll you can find 😘 I'm into immortal sexual experiences, and I NEED a man who can bare my bite.  If you're into a vampire sex doll like me, you know that the freak comes out at night.  If only I can find a man who gets me. Oh well, a sex doll can hope. 🤞"

  -Zurie 😍👅

Vampire Sex Doll For Sale. Cute Petite Halloween Sex Doll Sale. 


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